Let's chat yo
by rwby_rose · 65439 comments 10 weeks ago
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somespanishguy · 1 week ago
But honestly, your county seems like a fucked up place
silvermyth · 1 week ago
We are trying to move, we don’t always have to live here we are just here because that’s where my parents jobs send us... we had an opportunity for Denmark but my dad doesn’t want to go back to cold weather. Thanks for the good wishes everyone.
hyperion · 1 week ago
What's the next place you guys have in mind
somespanishguy · 1 week ago
Can a straight guy tell me why most straight guys are obsessed with lesbians
somespanishguy · 1 week ago
I was at a friend's party in a restaurant, and she's in a relationship with a girl, and therr was this guy looking at our direction. At first I thought he was checking me out, haha, but then I saw he was looking at my two friends dance the whole time
somespanishguy · 1 week ago
He left not after long, but he was looking at them for a lot of time
hyperion · 1 week ago
Two women are better than one. In my opinion there really isn't much to say besides the fact that it's most likely a fetish, even then many men have fantasized about having a relation and sleeping with multiple women.
Maybe it's because we reproduced our way all the way to this point, and it's in our instinct to procreate even if we don't want to. But what do I know, I'm just giving out my opinion.
somespanishguy · 1 week ago
Like okay, but imagine an almost 30 year old guy looking at two girls that are 18 years old that has a grin in his face like he wants to have sex with them. I get that it's a fetish, but some people could at least hide it a bit better; no one else was looking at them or at least not for so long
spookykink57 · 1 week ago
That's just creepy.
Remember kids, the best way to be creepy is hiding your creepiness
somespanishguy · 1 week ago
Tomorrow I'll go on the first trip out of three, and I'm finish the 27th the third and final trip
somespanishguy · 1 week ago
I'll be little on here, just giving you guys a heads up
spookykink57 · 1 week ago
It's cool mate. Enjoy a lot, be safe and make wise decisions.
silvermyth · 6 days ago
Have a good trip
somespanishguy · 20 hours ago
A drunk person tried to steal my glasses
spookykink57 · 13 hours ago
When did this happen?
somespanishguy · 12 hours ago
Two days ago, I still find it weird
spookykink57 · 12 hours ago
Must have been pretty drunk.
somespanishguy · 12 hours ago
This girl couldn't even walk in a straight line, but she tried to start sprinting and did a perfect straight line
spookykink57 · 11 hours ago
The world is full of surprises.
somespanishguy · 11 hours ago
My friends think it's seriously fun