Let's chat yo
by rwby_rose · 64827 comments 5 hours ago
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somespanishguy · 2 days ago
It will be after my exams, so after the beginning of March
somespanishguy · 2 days ago
My friend is bi, but more gay than straight
somespanishguy · 2 days ago
Me, I'm like all gay
somespanishguy · 23 hours ago
Anyone here?
folk_the_lore · 19 hours ago
folk_the_lore · 19 hours ago
silvermyth · 16 hours ago
Now I’m here, I’m pretty beat up
serosenpai · 16 hours ago
I have a problem
Should I go all the fucking way to Washington with three people I know to a high tech college, or should I go to a nearby college where I can stay instate and just enjoy myself.
hyperion · 15 hours ago
Washington. Go and travel
rosalinas · 15 hours ago
Let it die
silvermyth · 15 hours ago
somespanishguy · 13 hours ago
Do you mean Washington DC or the state of Washington?
serosenpai · 10 hours ago
State of Washington.
somespanishguy · 9 hours ago
I would tell you to go to Washington, if the college is good
somespanishguy · 9 hours ago
But it would be a big change from Florida
serosenpai · 9 hours ago
Oh yeah
But I'll be getting "miles of dick", as my straight friend said
silvermyth · 8 hours ago
Do you want miles of dick
serosenpai · 8 hours ago
I'm sure I do
silvermyth · 8 hours ago
Go get it then
somespanishguy · 5 hours ago
Yeah, then do it man