Let's chat yo
by rwby_rose · 63392 comments 8 hours ago
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snowpanther · 1 day ago
I just got a new hamster!
his name is Dr. Ludwig
just like that of my husband
he is so damn adorable!!!
somespanishguy · 1 day ago
Nice, how many animals have you got?
snowpanther · 1 day ago
2 hamsters
somespanishguy · 1 day ago
zinope · 1 day ago
everything is currently covered in frost, so good I guess
somespanishguy · 1 day ago
It hasn't rained in Spain since October, and it's already mid-November
somespanishguy · 14 hours ago
What's up everybody?
hyperion · 14 hours ago
Feeling very unmotivated
rosalinas · 14 hours ago
My marathon of weirdness is coming to part 200!!! I'm so excited
serosenpai · 14 hours ago
About to get fucked by a test
rosalinas · 14 hours ago
serosenpai · 13 hours ago
It didnt pull out
somespanishguy · 13 hours ago
Sorry bros, seeing that both Sero and Hyperion are feeling down
silvermyth · 13 hours ago
A shame
snowpanther · 12 hours ago
I'm back from Church
I also just gave my new hamster a snack
he is so damn smoll and adorable!!!
somespanishguy · 11 hours ago
What kind of church prays at 6?
snowpanther · 11 hours ago
I was at Confirmation
somespanishguy · 11 hours ago
Oh cool, aren't you a bit young for Confirmation though?
snowpanther · 11 hours ago
you need like
2 years of studying it
I'm in year one
hyperion · 8 hours ago
I did my confirmation. Even though I'm not religious I was just like "one day I might get married and what if the girl wants to get married by the church?" So I did it