dr_richard_ew · 1 year ago
dr_richard_ew · 1 year ago
God dammit America.
I am mum this was in America, because I do not wish to watch the video due to me being in a decent mood and not wanting it to be ruined right now.
So, God dammit America
thatswhatshesaid · 1 year ago
People are messed up, everyone needs to chill the fuck out over the election. Yes trump was elected, but the world isn't gonna end, he can't just do whatever he wants, and raping someone would never ever be an appropriate response
eternal1 · 1 year ago
Its kinda caused in part by the recent anti-white sentiments of modern media, cuz is instills these thoughts into people and causes the dregs of society to act on it.
deleted · 1 year ago
What the fuck is wrong with people
spazz · 1 year ago
Problem is that people don't seem to treat anti-whites with the same degree of harshness as groups such as the KKK. It is exactly the same thing. I can bet if the situation was switched to have a minority as the victim, people would be hollering. The media is disgusting.
regretfulforeigner · 1 year ago
The two comments above me are exactly right, we need equality
kinghitler · 1 year ago
Fucking abhorrent, and even more so that people are supporting the kidnappers.
kinghitler · 1 year ago
And a sizeable amount too, not just whatever the black equivalent to the KKK is
chu · 1 year ago
kinghitler · 1 year ago
Certainly seems that way.