Drawing Funsubsters
by signofcrashtest · 36 comments 44 weeks ago
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thedarkknightess · 45 weeks ago
This is a really nice idea, I hope I can still join!!!
silvermyth · 45 weeks ago
Quite interested
kinghitler · 45 weeks ago
Hmm, I remember back in the day somebody was drawing a big FunSubsters group image. Not in anime style, but it was pretty neat.
Anyway, feel free to draw Hitler as an anime pls
rosalinas · 45 weeks ago
This is going to fun :>
serosenpai · 45 weeks ago
silvermyth · 45 weeks ago
Art me
randomfandomgirl · 45 weeks ago
If you're not to busy with requests, I'd like to be drawn as well. I don't have me in a profile pic, but I did post a cosplay.
silvermyth · 45 weeks ago
This is fine
shadowlord · 45 weeks ago
Oh this should be interesting, provided I'm not too late
eternal1 · 45 weeks ago
how come anime style is the only style aspiring internet artists use. i prefer realism myself
kinghitler · 45 weeks ago
It's much easier to make something look decent in an anime style than it is to make it look realistic.
silvermyth · 45 weeks ago
If we do it realistic it is less fun because we know how we already look, we don't know cartoon style. Also, of you draw me, I have longer hair than in the pictures. It's kind fly away.
sm19 · 45 weeks ago
This sounds like such a great idea omg I want to see the results. If you can't include me that's fine but omg I wanna see the outcome this!
amadog19 · 45 weeks ago
It'd be cool if you could draw me! If you don't have time that's fine. :)
signofcrashtest · 44 weeks ago
No, I still have space, so welcome aboard!
sheeby78 · 44 weeks ago
Is it possible to draw me still???????
signofcrashtest · 44 weeks ago
Yup, everyone is welcome :)
silvermyth · 43 weeks ago
How is it going?
signofcrashtest · 43 weeks ago
Pretty good, I have the base sketch done and now I'm working on the coloring and shading
silvermyth · 43 weeks ago
I hope it turns out well! :)