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regretfulforeigner · 6 weeks ago
It would be really salty kool aid
regretfulforeigner · 6 weeks ago
Kool aid is a drink, it can be grape, cherry, or other stuff.
spazz · 6 weeks ago
Cut off the tips of baby fingers and see if they actually do grow back
tarotnathers13th · 6 weeks ago
Genetic and physiological modification. I want bird wings and gills dammit, and lacking that, Ultraviolet vision and the ability to jump 20 feet into the sky.
regretfulforeigner · 6 weeks ago
i would see how many body parts (one at a time of course) that i could get replaced with a robot version, first: robot arms, then robot legs, robot (u know,,,) up until i'm basically robocop
silvermyth · 6 weeks ago
I would want to see how much strees people could take, physical or emotional.
regretfulforeigner · 6 weeks ago
I've been doing that on me this whole time ...
serosenpai · 6 weeks ago
I would have one person kill multiple people and take a psych eval each one to see if they become a psychopath after an estimated amount. After that, I would kill them.
Secondly, I would love to experiment with isolation-related insanity. Us humans are social, but we cannot handle being completely alone. I would take a person, place them in the Amazonian Forest(or other secluded place), and give them supplies for two years. After two years, I would return and place them back into society as if nothing happened. For two years after that, I would observe them and see whether they return fully to their societal duties.
Thirdly, I would see the limits of adrenaline. I would hook someone up to a machine and stab them until their adrenaline kicks in, clean up the wound, and repeat until the adrenaline or the stab wounds kill them.
Finally, I will test limits of the psyche. I will take someone off the streets and present to them images of unspeakable horror for 1 minute and psych test
serosenpai · 6 weeks ago
them until they are broken
silvermyth · 6 weeks ago
I want to see how much it takes for someone to crack. Also, I want to extend the lifespan and see how much time it takes to crack.
chu · 6 weeks ago
How much crime would fall if for their crimes, people were subjected to a similar action.
banana · 6 weeks ago
Like an eye-for-an-eye thing?
chu · 5 weeks ago
Yeh. Like beating those four idiots who tormented that kid live on the Facebook.
tcole3710 · 5 weeks ago
Isn't the reason dinosaurs haven't been brought back from DNA because of ethics and funds? That would be fun.
unicycle · 5 weeks ago
Ok this wasn't a contest but dinosaurs wins. We could take literally every experiment posted here, add dinosaurs, and it would be 5000x better.
serosenpai · 5 weeks ago
Only organisms half a millions years ago can be brought back.
banana · 5 weeks ago
We could take testing explosions in the twin towers and add dinosaurs to make it better?
unicycle · 5 weeks ago
Yes, imagine dinosaurs in tiny hard hats setting off the explosives. Or see if a dinosaur could do as much damage as a plane/controlled demolition. Is that not better?
chu · 5 weeks ago
The Japanese already do that. They call it Godzilla.
regretfulforeigner · 5 weeks ago
I had an idea to put people high on lsd into sensory deprivation tanks