Hey you wanna talk about some shit?
by folk_the_lore · 1313 comments 8 minutes ago
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folk_the_lore · 54 minutes ago
Fuck it, let's be tea buddies
sassypotter · 52 minutes ago
The best kind of buddies
rayofsunshine · 51 minutes ago
Yes! Tea buddies! Thanks, Folk. You know, I've never actually tried coffee before. :P
folk_the_lore · 47 minutes ago
Well there's your first problem Ray
rayofsunshine · 46 minutes ago
XD Okay. You try all the teas, I try all the coffees. Do we have a deal?
folk_the_lore · 45 minutes ago
Alright miss sunshine, I'll take that deal
rayofsunshine · 43 minutes ago
Awesome! We have a deal then! How strong is your coffee usually?
also! Rwby ran out of chats. XD
folk_the_lore · 41 minutes ago
My coffee basically lifts weights, and does that happen on a regular basis for rose?
rayofsunshine · 40 minutes ago
Yes. She's very popular. XD
Dear me, I probably wouldn't be able to handle strong coffee without making a fool of myself. XD
folk_the_lore · 38 minutes ago
Ray I'd teach you how to hold your coffee
rayofsunshine · 36 minutes ago
XD I would need all the help. I'm already weird enough - coffee would take me beyond extreme.
folk_the_lore · 35 minutes ago
Extreme sunshine, sounds pretty cool
rayofsunshine · 33 minutes ago
XD Dont get me started on alcohol. I'm so tiny, it would get to me straight away and I would probably be... idk. Maybe a depressed drunk or a party hard one. XD
folk_the_lore · 33 minutes ago
Guess I'll have to teach you how to hold your liquor too
rayofsunshine · 31 minutes ago
Yep. For sure. XD Though, I fit the role of the 'annoying sober person who makes sure everyone doesn't die' better.
folk_the_lore · 23 minutes ago
I think you'd make an excellent drunk but yeah, you're too young anyways
rayofsunshine · 18 minutes ago
Says you! XD But yeah, I don't think I would handle alcohol well at all.
folk_the_lore · 14 minutes ago
Haha yeah, I guess it's just not for everyone
spazz · 11 minutes ago
Tea is good. But coffee resurrects me in the morning.
folk_the_lore · 8 minutes ago
Spazz gets it