yukihaki · 1 year ago
Start it from season 5 (2005)
yukihaki · 1 year ago
I mean season 1from 2005
kinghitler · 1 year ago
yeah, I'd agree with that
I think there's 9 season now? in that time there've been 4 doctors
it's a pretty decent show, obviously not perfect or as good as some other things, but it is due some credit for being not-awful sci fi
give it a try, your username is thelostfandom so you'll probably enjoy it
thelostfandom · 1 year ago
but what is the seasons with David Tennant bit confusing trying to figure it
kinghitler · 1 year ago
Ok, in case you don't know, every couple of seasons the Doctor "regenerates" and is replaced with a new actor. Season 1 (aired in 2005) had Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor, and at the end of that season he regenerated into David Tennant. Tennant was then Doctor from season 2 until the end of season 4, when he regenerated into Matt Smith. So, if you're only interested in the David Tennant episodes (my personal favourites) then watch season 2 (aired in April 2006), season 3 (March 2007), and season 4 (April 2008). From there, you might be interested in continuing the show, so feel free to keep going to season 5 or head back to season 1. And don't worry, the seasons are relatively self-contained, so there are very few times that you'll be confused due to lack of information.

And most importantly, have fun. Doctor Who is just fun to watch, so enjoy yourself :)
hope I helped
yukihaki · 1 year ago
I recommend watching from season 1 (2005) tho, there's so much going on between the doctor and his companions sometime she/he will miss things