Can some of you guys help me smile?
by rosebud · 26 comments 1 year ago
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rayofsunshine · 1 year ago
Well, you know? Everyone has a bottle that they keep clamped shut, and I can tell you that having that bottle released with someone to lend a comforting hand is the most amazing feeling in the world.
True, everyone has different situations but there really shouldn't be such thing as 'better' or 'worse' situation because everyone deserves the same respect.
You're not whining for attention, you're genuinely seeking out someone to talk to. :) And we are all here for you.
dr_richard_ew · 1 year ago
*grabs knife*
Let's put a smile on that face
rosebud · 1 year ago
Calm down, Jeff the Killer.
silvermyth · 1 year ago
You can talk, I'm close to your age so I'd understand.
rosebud · 1 year ago
Well I just said everything that was on my mind
silvermyth · 1 year ago
Look, you aren't being edgy. You are just a teenager is all. Bottling up emotions doesn't work if you have no outlet. What makes you angry or sad?
rosebud · 1 year ago
Today I felt sad, either because of school being school or because I admitted this to you guys, and I burst into tears.
And I get angry pretty easily for no reason.
Maybe it's just hormonal imbalances and mood swings?
thedarkknightess · 1 year ago
Hormones are like an atomic bomb on your neurons&co.: during puberty your brain is intensely reshaped! You get rid of 40+% of your pre-puberty synapses, especially in the area which controls your behavior (I'm simpifying a lot, ok?), and the circuitry is not considered mature until your early 20s!
Now, in your teenage years, you're supposed to explore your limits (new experiences: smoking, drinking, romance), to find out what and who you like ("I'm really into Maths", "Jay is definitely my BBF"), to form your own opinion on things ("Death penalty is absurd")... You're trying to gain independence, so that you can find out who you really are.
So I'd say that mood swings are pretty normal and so are feelings of inadequacy...
Some of these issues continue afterwards, I won't lie, but you get to control them more easily.
thedarkknightess · 1 year ago
Try not to worry (too much), you’re NOT alone, ok? DON’T YOU EVER think that you are being weak for expressing your doubts, your fears, whatever. Some idiots may believe it, but A) you’re being brave B) you’re being intelligent C) you’re being mature. Being able to recognize your feelings is a rare ability, it helps a lot and it is useful for the future, so practise it. Maybe you can talk about how you feel with your parents, who you might think are very old and ranty individuals, but – guess what? – they have experienced the same unease as you do now. Give them a chance! Unfortunately, some parents don’t make you feel comfortable at all, so you can go to another adult (I sound like “WikiHow”, great! ‘-_-), like uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparents, teachers you like, trainers, etc… Of course you can also get advice from friends you trust. And from us, obviously! We will try not to let you down.
silvermyth · 1 year ago
That was really well explained, daek knightess. Banana, don't be ashamed, this is normal. You can always come to us for help. I'm even ok with ranting.
rosebud · 1 year ago
My problem is that I can't complain to my family because everyone's always like:
"God's given us a lot and we're very lucky and we could be worse off" and, while that's all well and good, there's no reason why someone can't feel bad. That's like saying Bill Gates physically can't frown because of all the money he has.
It makes no sense how I can't say that I'm displeased with my life because then people think I'm being ungrateful.
One should be able to be unhappy but not ungrateful, and to say that he shouldn't is a gross lie that I will never believe.
rosebud · 1 year ago
So I guess you guys are all I got. It's not that I don't care for you guys; it's just that I'd rather have someone in real life actually fucking listen to me instead of threaten to take away my laptop or my Xbox or my phone.
silvermyth · 1 year ago
Oh sheesh, bringing religion into it. Then you can't say anything. I agree with you, happiness is relative. What exactly are the problems?
rosebud · 1 year ago
I just said it.
I feel like I can't feel sorry for myself or else I'm being ungrateful.
And I can't complain to my family or else I'm being ungrateful.
So basically I'm expected to be happy 24/7 or else I'm the antagonist.
silvermyth · 1 year ago
Last year, I had friends in real life. This year, all 9 of them ditched me. The only person I can talk to is my little sis, and she's 11. I guess we're the best you can get.
silvermyth · 1 year ago
Alright, you can be sorry for yourself. No one should be forced to be happy all of the time. All you can do is fake happiness, or do your best to get a friend to talk to.
rosebud · 1 year ago
Recently I've been very pissed off because in my eyes this is pretty much the worst time in history to be born.
We have people like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, both of whom came dangerously close to the White House and one made it inside.
We have people that ditch us for no good reason.
And I'm starting to seriously consider that I might be a little more than just "sad". Maybe it's hormones. Hopefully it's hormones.
I just hate everything. I even noticed in my PE class that I didn't know it was possible for me to hate so many people around me at once. School sucks, my family sucks, life sucks and I hate it all.
silvermyth · 1 year ago
I suppose it's better than being born with the plague around. The problem now is how society is. Very fake, everyone is fake. I hate nearly everyone at school, they're all so basic and stupid.
rosebud · 1 year ago
They all the same thing. It's like a hive mind or a server room.
They don't listen to reason. They don't get good grades. They all act for the clique instead of for themselves.
silvermyth · 1 year ago
They don't give a shit about the world, all they care about is finding cheap romance with one another. And starbucks.