Eye Pictures for Silvermyth
by incognito · 14 comments 5 weeks ago
incognito · 5 weeks ago
Okay so my post got deleted and the reason said to use chat
incognito · 5 weeks ago
I've never done it so y'all take over
celticrose · 5 weeks ago
Who all does she want? Just put the contact info here and people who interested can reply. Also, it's best to tag users directly, like @silvermyth, so they see it.
silvermyth · 5 weeks ago
Eye Color compilation post
~take clear eye picture
~Send eye picture to silvermyth42@gmail.com
~include username and compilation name in subject
~due 20th january 2017
harmonywho · 5 weeks ago
My username is my email, is that good?
silvermyth · 5 weeks ago
Yes, that's fine
banana · 5 weeks ago
Silvermyth, you're a girl?
silvermyth · 5 weeks ago
Surprise motherfucker
banana · 5 weeks ago
holy shit
silvermyth · 5 weeks ago
Nah but really, I don't care which gender I'm assigned. Sorry for calling you motherfucker, I doubt you have done anything like that.
banana · 5 weeks ago
No no I wasn't offended
silvermyth · 5 weeks ago
silvermyth · 4 weeks ago
Friendly reminder that all submissions are due tomorrow
harmonywho · 4 weeks ago
I can't wait!