rosalinas · 1 year ago
Write your friend a letter?
fewsed · 1 year ago
Makes sure you know the subject well enough. Also make sure you listen and understand what they are saying. You can't win an enemy you don't understand. Change stance when new evidence is given. Look for logical flaws that might throw you off even if you are right. Lastly, don't bother to argue if they aren't willing to change their mind.
silvermyth · 1 year ago
Site reasonable sources, use correct grammar, make your point understandable for the general public.
spazz · 1 year ago
Take loads of showers to plan out fake arguments in
eternal1 · 1 year ago
Best advice: have solid evidence. When ur right, it doesn't matter; you win.
serosenpai · 1 year ago
See, this is why I like coming to you guys with my problems.
You always have good advice.
chu · 1 year ago
Solution #2
Bring your friends to FS and we'll argue them into facts