rosebud · 1 year ago
I was cooking today and i felt searing pain from my finger. At first I thought it was the cut on the tip of it (which I already knew about) and then I realized that I had a decently-fresh cut on my fingers. It was a deep red color and I've put a bandaid on it. I have no idea where it came from, I only know it happened in the last 6 hours and I did not feel it when I got it apparently.
rosebud · 1 year ago
On my finger*
tarotnathers13th · 1 year ago
I sleep on a cot I made myself, and the slats on the top of it aren't all covered by the mattress, it being too small. Sometimes my feet end up rubbing against them and nicely sized scrapes, or I get really painful impressions welted on my toes. Doesn't happen often thankfully.
silvermyth · 1 year ago
Woke up with a scratch on the back of each hand. Still don't know why.
Woke up with my leg bleeding like hell. No clue.
Moral of the story? There really are monsters under your bed.
dr_richard_ew · 1 year ago
I once woke up and realized that I had a bubble made out of my skin on my arm. I was 8 at the time, so I was mortified
deleted · 1 year ago
I've woken up bleeding so much it's actually kinda sad at this point
spazz · 1 year ago
I once sat in my bed and my left arm had two spots on it that felt cold, and when I switched on the light, it turned out I was bleeding. I still don't know what happened :I