A d*ck in a car 3 comments
guest · 7 hours ago
He sounds like he may not be a native English speaker. You fucker. Also "He" and "spell."
Inspiring 20 comments
guest · 9 hours ago
It's not fucking either. It's a statement of fact that this happens-to-be-black autistic person was able to, amazingly, locate every single one of any type of building after a skimpy 20min ride. Most of us wouldn't be able to figure out which way the river was once we got on the ground. He is allowed to like KFC and be black without it being racist.
Four Generations, (L to R) 21, 40, 65, 95 14 comments
guest · 6 days ago
Getting taller too.
When did it start to go so wrong? 5 comments
guest · 1 week ago
Simple. No hood rats in the first picture.
The fluffiest corgi 8 comments
guest · 1 week ago
The reflection of the one taking the picture looks kinda "fluffy" too!
Keep the rhinos safe 9 comments
guest · 1 week ago
Ummmm... If someone with a camera can find them someone with a gun can. This is pure stupidity.
Hero 10 comments
guest · 1 week ago
I don't see a problem here.
Bad parenting moment 10 comments
guest · 1 week ago
Nope. He's definitely waiting his turn
A son who predicted he would follow in his father's footsteps and become a police 4 comments
guest · 16 weeks ago
Except he's a deputy sheriff and his dad's a city cop. Probably not partners.
Shower head 6 comments
guest · 16 weeks ago
Had a psycho ex like that. Bitch even took my kitchen trash can, all the light switch and electric covers, all my toilet paper and even tried to take my toilet seat! She chewed up the screws and couldn't get it loose. Not only that but she ripped the bottom of my back door off breaking in to do it!
100 Years Ago, A Time Capsule Was Made. Here's What It Had Inside 21 comments
guest · 1 year ago
Looks like capitol hill high school to me??
Cray 14 comments
guest · 1 year ago
Upload it into paint and use the fill feature maze solved!