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Color blind people seeing color for the first time comp 6 comments
cronos · 1 week ago
If you are interested in the science behind those glasses:
Would you like to rent a country? 6 comments
cronos · 10 weeks ago
I tried to find something to back this up but all i could find were post from sites like, and weird "fact" twitter sites and not one of them could provide any kind of reliable source to prove the story . Besides I doubt Liechtenstein would have needed this since it's one of only five countries without debts. Well maybe all the original posts/sites were taken down and that's why I can't find anything.
Would you like to rent a country? 6 comments
cronos · 11 weeks ago
Sounds cool but I'm pretty sure this is fake.
Go gay and problem is solved 6 comments
cronos · 13 weeks ago
Also not a problem if you are Bisexual, then you don't really care what you find between someone's legs ^^
Actually it's funny to see them try 8 comments
cronos · 1 year ago
This post is from another side and op explained there that his roommates are constantly partying and generally not very considerate towards others if I remember correctly and he just wants his peace. So he complained a lot against them or something like that, that's why they want him out.
Get the f*cking box off me! 5 comments
cronos · 1 year ago
I love how she just stands there and laughs. Btw she has such a cute and very infectious laughter