Boy meets world 3 comments
escapety · 18 weeks ago
If you take this advice literally you will also never grow as a person
Dunno it's bc they're too simple or dumdum 11 comments
escapety · 50 weeks ago
Me too. Every time I bring them to my house they always say they want to go home. And they get all surprised when they see my dick. Like they've never seen one before.
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who let this happen 34: this is why aliens don't visit us 35 comments
escapety · 1 year ago
Looking at the username I'm sure it's just a troll account. Why does everyone take this kind of things so seriously?
Like cute tiny people cursing like hell 47 comments
escapety · 1 year ago
Or the person who is alive but is actually dead inside
Now I know the name of my disease 11 comments
escapety · 1 year ago
I'm 28 and I still wet my bed.
School right now ;-; 3 comments
escapety · 2 years ago
It tests my sleep endurance
Lifting advice from Hugh Jackman 7 comments
escapety · 4 years ago
He skips leg day