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Because it works 29 comments
funkmasterrex · 4 minutes ago
1) Capitalism: an economic and political system in which a country's trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.
Literally nothing about that is "you get what you work for".... otherwise we'd have teachers making a million a year instead of athletes. It's more like "you get what the market will bear".
2) socialism =/= communism.
3) did you attend public school? Do you drive on roads? Do you believe in the basic idea of cops and firefighters?
Congratulations, those are all socialist programs.
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Exterminate the squirrel 12 comments
funkmasterrex · 8 minutes ago
Ice on land... not the actual land. Glaciers. The ice sheet acts like a natural dam that keeps the ice on land ON LAND. There is a natural regulation where the size of the ice sheet dictates how much land ice can build up before it forces itself into the ocean. If the sheet becomes thinner, the ice that is ON LAND flows into the ocean faster.
Regretting to be a gynecologist 11 comments
funkmasterrex · 12 minutes ago
well at least you'd get over your fetish fast.
A primary school teacher received this from a child in her class 4 comments
funkmasterrex · 13 minutes ago
.....I want to read the full sentence that involves "cascades" that has to epic.
Marvel understand dog owners 7 comments
funkmasterrex · 17 minutes ago
"Fear Itself" is a movie I've wanted Marvel to make for awhile now (where Cul and the Midgard Serpent come in).
Marvel understand dog owners 7 comments
funkmasterrex · 18 minutes ago
Midgard Serpent (Jormungand) isn't in the movie... and in the comics the Serpent is Odin's brother, Cul.
Yes, this is Fenrir (or Fenris Wolf) though.
Conor McGregor is more savage 15 comments
funkmasterrex · 26 minutes ago
the "fuck you" suit was hilarious lol. Since they are boxing i'm betting Mayweather wins... but in a fight on the street McGregor would literally rip his ligaments apart until he was just a limp fish.
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The only giant Brown Panda you'll see 2 comments
funkmasterrex · 28 minutes ago
get this snowflake out of here.
Exterminate the squirrel 12 comments
funkmasterrex · 29 minutes ago
ugh... the iceberg isn't the direct problem. The problem is, the berg broke off of a shelf that is holding back land ice. The berg breaks off, destabilizing the shelf, which lets the land ice flow into the ocean faster; increasing sea levels faster. The iceberg itself is really only going to bother people shipping stuff and a few research vessels.
Because it works 29 comments
funkmasterrex · 41 minutes ago
Can we agree the idea of socialism is about the common good and the idea of capitalism is about self interest? Can we agree that 90% of humans will do something unethical to get ahead if they feel they won't get caught? Guess which one rewards that type of behavior?
This is just basic common sense.
Well *uck you! He's adorable 4 comments
funkmasterrex · 46 minutes ago
but the smiles are priceless.
Bought this cat from Area 51 2 comments
funkmasterrex · 47 minutes ago
i'd love a 30 ft long cat.
If it's shiny and not transparent then don't risk it 6 comments
funkmasterrex · 47 minutes ago
ceramics 100% safe... when in doubt, ceramic.
Larry brown 3 comments
funkmasterrex · 50 minutes ago
Larry Brown the basketball coach? Yeah... i'd be ok with him killing himself.
Always stay prepared 1 comments
funkmasterrex · 51 minutes ago
this took me way too long.
Predicting the future 1 comments
funkmasterrex · 52 minutes ago
$42 seems pretty chill.
Well that escalated quickly 2 comments
funkmasterrex · 53 minutes ago
gdi blockbuster.
Because it works 29 comments
funkmasterrex · 1 hour ago
really? Corruption may be easier at the top in socialism, but corruption is far more widespread in capitalism.
Jesus is cool with it 16 comments
funkmasterrex · 1 hour ago
Did I say there was a gay gene? Sexuality can shift subconsciously... but it's like your heart beating, you can't actively control who you are attracted to... you just are.
Because it works 29 comments
funkmasterrex · 6 hours ago
Venezuela's problems don't stem from socialism... it's the fact their entire economy is based on one good, oil, which has been in decline for the past few years and has bankrupted the country.
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...what is wrong with that guy,wanting animals to frickle frackle.... 15 comments
funkmasterrex · 7 hours ago
i know.. and my point is teachers are fallable, meaning when citing a source they are about as trust worthy as "the dude across the hall".
What's the wrost lie you told your parents 15 comments
funkmasterrex · 20 hours ago
I'm curious how you had more than one TBH.
A monster in Lake Michigan 17 comments
funkmasterrex · 20 hours ago
I remember back in the day this dude at a card shop asked me how much this shiny gyarados card was worth and said "perhaps $20?" and like an idiot I blurted out "try $200 easy". Could of had such a steal and bought it on the spot for $20.
A monster in Lake Michigan 17 comments
funkmasterrex · 20 hours ago
it's just a shiny sturgeon.