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If you're mad enough to do math. You're really mad 3 comments
geekor · 1 day ago
Wait he said no, so why then was the math necessary?
Go big and go home 11 comments
geekor · 4 days ago
Bruh, it has the date in the picture.
Go big and go home 11 comments
geekor · 5 days ago
Really repost from 5 years ago
Opossums are friends 14 comments
geekor · 2 weeks ago
Tell that to New Zealand, pest for their entire ecosystem
The truth is so bright, I gotta wear shades. 3 comments
geekor · 3 weeks ago
Will they are a monopolist company, but not 90% closer to 40%
For the chuckle 11 comments
geekor · 7 weeks ago
The Rothschild's, come on sheeple
"Honey, nobody is that gay". Insane self-control 7 comments
geekor · 8 weeks ago
But who's the girl?
Isn't is amazing that the first day of the year is perfectly monday? 10 comments
geekor · 15 weeks ago
Depends, some countries weekend is Friday and Saturday.
Your lack of world culture shows
Could live with that 6 comments
geekor · 15 weeks ago
Lawyers get 80% so no you won't get that
Is this suicide or murder? 40 comments
geekor · 20 weeks ago
You guys are about this all wrong.
Check his browser history, murder if it's full, suicide if it's empty.
It can really up someones day 3 comments
geekor · 23 weeks ago
Our makes my dick hard
It's In The Past Now 10 comments
geekor · 26 weeks ago
You can't keep a person slavery is illegal
Steven Seagal is actually becoming his South Park caricature 3 comments
geekor · 27 weeks ago
Or his cartoon was based off how he looks now... Why are there so many dumb people
Dropping my new album soon 8 comments
geekor · 27 weeks ago
Alternatively, your fingers
Going from the U.S. To Asia in half an hour for under $1000 20 comments
geekor · 28 weeks ago
If you don't blow up on the run way
Theft proof Purse 23 comments
geekor · 30 weeks ago
Fucking sexist, like only men steal
A special message. 15 comments
geekor · 34 weeks ago
To all my enemies out in that area, see you in hell
He's Starting To Suspect Something's Not Right 1 comments
geekor · 34 weeks ago
That cat had nice long legs
Real life doppelganger 18 comments
geekor · 37 weeks ago
The cute one is better
Roses are red, violets are crooked 8 comments
geekor · 37 weeks ago
That doesn't rhyme
Stunning 8-bit Beach Cavern from Mark Ferrari 3 comments
geekor · 38 weeks ago
And too many colors used, not 8 bit.
Just cause y'all think something look like an older game doesn't make it 8-bit you noobs.
Sharks do get sick and get cancer 14 comments
geekor · 39 weeks ago
Making a meme that no one who actually kills sharks for medical reasons will ever read. But that's none if my business
Phoenix is super powerful 15 comments
geekor · 40 weeks ago
Read first paragraph was incorrect and stopped there. Rest is probably wrong too
Well, When You Think About It, It's Not Wrong 4 comments
geekor · 42 weeks ago
Everything is hot dog, or not hot dog