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Stunning 8-bit Beach Cavern from Mark Ferrari 3 comments
geekor · 1 day ago
And too many colors used, not 8 bit.
Just cause y'all think something look like an older game doesn't make it 8-bit you noobs.
Sharks do get sick and get cancer 12 comments
geekor · 1 week ago
Making a meme that no one who actually kills sharks for medical reasons will ever read. But that's none if my business
Phoenix is super powerful 6 comments
geekor · 2 weeks ago
Read first paragraph was incorrect and stopped there. Rest is probably wrong too
Well, When You Think About It, It's Not Wrong 4 comments
geekor · 3 weeks ago
Everything is hot dog, or not hot dog
I got a better idea 3 comments
geekor · 8 weeks ago
Worst use of meme ever
He's still got it 11 comments
geekor · 8 weeks ago
Turtlenecks and chains sipping on a light beer
Fabulous 17 comments
geekor · 9 weeks ago
Nice way to yell women you're just a big baby
What a loser 13 comments
geekor · 12 weeks ago
It's nice the mentally challenged are allowed on the internet
Power to the people 3 comments
geekor · 13 weeks ago
This should have the slowpoke meme attached
5 · Edited 13 weeks ago
Dora grew up 7 comments
geekor · 14 weeks ago
Unrealistic standards of Hispanic girls. None are that skinny...
Gabriel Medina Lands the First Ever Backflip in a Surf Competition 4 comments
geekor · 15 weeks ago
Pretty sure that's a forward flip, not backward
Mawm be liek 6 comments
geekor · 17 weeks ago
Or get up and ready on your own without ever needing reminded then you have a leg to stand on. Otherwise, too bad deal with it.
New favorite tombstone 3 comments
geekor · 18 weeks ago
Here lies a Christian. Expecting an invite to a party, that never comes.
Ok, these are just getting ridiculous (sorry, it's small, but it's worth your time) 41 comments
geekor · 19 weeks ago
If they would have cared enough to post a proper image they wouldn't be a dumb fuck. Since when do you need to read comments to see what it is?
You are a dumb fuck for backing it up
Ok, these are just getting ridiculous (sorry, it's small, but it's worth your time) 41 comments
geekor · 20 weeks ago
Unreadable you dumb fuck
Tricycle accident 6 comments
geekor · 20 weeks ago
I laugh more on every replay
Jimjim 5 comments
geekor · 21 weeks ago
But it's pronounced "meem"
The saint of Science 24 comments
geekor · 21 weeks ago
Catholics believe and preach that it is actually his body and blood, literally
Not Sure Where To Eat? Well, Here's The Solution 7 comments
geekor · 21 weeks ago
Most in-n-out are open past 1am, why go to Jack after 10?
Procrastination at its finest 2 comments
geekor · 23 weeks ago
Who the fuck is upvoting a meme done wrong?
Giant Anaconda found near a pond in Brazil 6 comments
geekor · 24 weeks ago
Must be soo many buns over there
Girls fashion early 00's vs. 2017. Low waist jeans on girls where did you go 13 comments
geekor · 25 weeks ago
People got fatter, end of discussion
Margot Robbie 4 comments
geekor · 25 weeks ago
Your meme isn't, learn to crop fucktard
Daily dose of facts! (3) apples are lovely. There the most effective against doctors :D 9 comments
geekor · 26 weeks ago
Fucking crop the images you steal at least.