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I want one 3 comments
hattricks1995 · 2 days ago
Someone shot the skybox
Looks cozy 4 comments
hattricks1995 · 3 days ago
Comfy unless your over 5'10"
Terrifying 8 comments
hattricks1995 · 5 days ago
Nope. Just nope.
How to summon the rain 5 comments
hattricks1995 · 2 weeks ago
No joke I haven't washed my car in a month and we have had no rain at all. I washed my car yesterday and now rain is forecasted for this Monday
This oak tree was struck by lightning and split into three 10 comments
hattricks1995 · 3 weeks ago
Could have said split in tree
Friendship an*l 8 comments
hattricks1995 · 3 weeks ago
Not saying homosexuals haven't existed throughout history but. What if men were allowed to show a friends affection without everyone saying that they were weak or not a man.
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Tactical pouch kitty in a tactical kitty pouch 3 comments
hattricks1995 · 3 weeks ago
He looks really familiar...
In focus vs out focus 1 comments
hattricks1995 · 4 weeks ago
But which is which
Who is the boss 5 comments
hattricks1995 · 5 weeks ago
Flowers horns don't play nice. They probably shouldn't be housed with any other fish even if they are larger or equal size.
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Garbage challenge, why not? 9 comments
hattricks1995 · 6 weeks ago
Gonna have to pick myself up then
Someone sat there 6 comments
hattricks1995 · 8 weeks ago
Lagoon amusement park. It's in Utah
That's what money is for 4 comments
hattricks1995 · 10 weeks ago
Same? Who is it by chance?
Unload the gun rather than wear bulletproof vest 53 comments
hattricks1995 · 11 weeks ago
I always just say they need to keep their pants on.
Uber drivers out here keeping it real 5 comments
hattricks1995 · 15 weeks ago
I work at a credit Union where they will send out surveys to members and the service standard for some is 9.25 out of 10. So if you rate is a 9 it of 10 we are below standards.
That's why girls are jealous of cargo pants 22 comments
hattricks1995 · 15 weeks ago
I am a guy
That's why girls are jealous of cargo pants 22 comments
hattricks1995 · 15 weeks ago
I think one of the reason mens clothes have bigger pockets is because it's socially unacceptable for a man to carry a purse. That and fashion saying women's clothes must be skin tight.
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Realistic Skulltula (Based on Legend of Zelda) - Hidden for the Arachnophobes :) 16 comments
hattricks1995 · 16 weeks ago
Maybe the koroks killed all of them
Guy makes an amazing tiny knife out of a simple bolt 14 comments
hattricks1995 · 17 weeks ago
This guy's videos around all pretty funny and he always creates some pretty cool stuff
Directions 5 comments
hattricks1995 · 17 weeks ago
I'm a guy and I couldn't remember street names if my life depended on it. Landmarks are my best friend
Grandma heckles bodybuilders 2 comments
hattricks1995 · 17 weeks ago
I wanna be this kind of old person
White people beware 15 comments
hattricks1995 · 19 weeks ago
In Taiwan (Mandarin) it's used like a thinking word like umm or like.
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Tulum treehouse 3 comments
hattricks1995 · 20 weeks ago
Reminds me of Tarzan's treehouse from the cartoon.
I can't help it. I love cheese 8 comments
hattricks1995 · 20 weeks ago
Or that pizza that I've been craving for weeks
Golf ball hitting steel at 150mph recorded at 70,000fps 3 comments
hattricks1995 · 21 weeks ago
I love flubber!
5 · Edited 21 weeks ago
"Karma is a b*tch": The Latest Weird Chinese Meme 6 comments
hattricks1995 · 22 weeks ago
I'm always late