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"Hi mom!" 2 comments
hattricks1995 · 13 hours ago
That polar bear looks like it has a really low resolution texture on it
Yes! I am free 3 comments
hattricks1995 · 3 days ago
"I'm Free. I'm Free... dang it"
Kevin (from the Office) with his wife. Yeah... Let that sink in 10 comments
hattricks1995 · 1 week ago
OK I let the sink in... now what
Unbelievable 2 comments
hattricks1995 · 1 week ago
11... one was a back stabber
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Expiration 12 comments
hattricks1995 · 1 week ago
So not realizing it I drank a Capri sun that expired in 2015. Worst part is it didn't taste any different.
Huge pillow of leavs 7 comments
hattricks1995 · 2 weeks ago
*Ends up in Narnia*
It's the little things. (Skyrim) 16 comments
hattricks1995 · 2 weeks ago
Pile of gold. Only had 1 coin
Act like man 8 comments
hattricks1995 · 3 weeks ago
Brotherhood as well. I personally like that version a little bit better
This 8 year old kid has more skills and persistence than most of us 1 comments
hattricks1995 · 4 weeks ago
The positivity from everyone feel awesome
N Y O O M 8 comments
hattricks1995 · 6 weeks ago
Mine was a zubat in pearl but didn't know what it was and accidentally knocked it out. Only one ive ever seen
Great movie 5 comments
hattricks1995 · 7 weeks ago
I love the experimental period of Disney
The modern age 10 comments
hattricks1995 · 9 weeks ago
Worked at papa Murphys and had a customer who didn't want the reciept tuching her food because it caused cancer.
@Burger king hello! 20 comments
hattricks1995 · 11 weeks ago
She has murder in her eyes
The Bloodhound Bat, commonly flies at low attitudes 8 comments
hattricks1995 · 12 weeks ago
So that's what keese are
YouTube 26 comments
hattricks1995 · 13 weeks ago
Not just filled with the most viewed/despised video makers... sounds great
I refuse to believe these people are real 28 comments
hattricks1995 · 14 weeks ago
Someone needs to take a group of them and put them on a space x flight
Snek 4 comments
hattricks1995 · 14 weeks ago
No visible teeth this snake is ok
Squiger 4 comments
hattricks1995 · 14 weeks ago
In Detroit that's what you call a black squirrel... squigger
Get your shit together, Voldemort 3 comments
hattricks1995 · 15 weeks ago
Honestly he already had the rest of the Wizarding world (ministry of magic). Hogwarts became freedoms last stand. Maybe also telling young adults that they are the kay barricade between evil and the world. Adults may give in. Children can be indoctrinated. Only the young adults have learned enough to stand on their own
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Italian navy  12 comments
hattricks1995 · 15 weeks ago
Getting flirtatious aren't america. Says the Italian sailor
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A beautiful moment 2 comments
hattricks1995 · 15 weeks ago
Would be cool if got a custom metal ring that looked similar to the plastic one because the plastic will degrade quickly if worn every day
Only in deutschland 4 comments
hattricks1995 · 16 weeks ago
You know your changing into an adult when work trumps the cool factor.
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Lamp made from pvc pipe 4 comments
hattricks1995 · 17 weeks ago
Reminds me of a wasps nest
Night elf 28 comments
hattricks1995 · 17 weeks ago
The owls face in the last frame. He's just sitting there saying wow.