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All those books for nothing! 2 comments
jes5890 · 22 hours ago
And patient zero.
I'm still trying to decide if I'm Lawful Good or Chaotic Evil. ;) 9 comments
jes5890 · 2 weeks ago
Netflix's altered carbon. Fantastic show
Cate logic 6 comments
jes5890 · 3 weeks ago
Ive got two 3 month old kittens that love their plush bed but wont have anything to do with the boxes I put down.
F**king leg cramps 7 comments
jes5890 · 4 weeks ago
I was taught to stand and put weight on it. Always works for me.
Futurama Easter Egg in Disenchantment 10 comments
jes5890 · 4 weeks ago
Same universe since fry, bender, and the professor are seen in the time machine.
This is my perfect existence 6 comments
jes5890 · 8 weeks ago
I prefer the version that ends with until you get eaten by an anaconda lol
Tru dat 6 comments
jes5890 · 8 weeks ago
That tie does not go with her dress.
All men have to go through this 2 comments
jes5890 · 10 weeks ago
Im sure there are organic ones. Too many people equate organic with healthy these days as if a lack of pesticides will balance out 5000 calories.
Just sayin 18 comments
A little redundant 3 comments
jes5890 · 29 weeks ago
More likely rinsing the chlorine out. My city waters in their yearly "extra chlorine" phase. Simple shower irritates.
Mom has no chill 6 comments
jes5890 · 30 weeks ago
It's the Ace Ventura rhino gif
10 · Edited 30 weeks ago
I'd rather have ugly shoes 8 comments
jes5890 · 30 weeks ago
Not everyones toes get shorter sadly. Some are nearly the same, some can even be bigger than the big toe. My second and third are the same as my big toe and only the 4th and 5th are smaller. Its a real inconvenience.
Dedication at its finest 11 comments
jes5890 · 32 weeks ago
Same for me. Id like to know what public school doesnt give 0s for no assignment.
I Love the Stuff  13 comments
jes5890 · 36 weeks ago
The u.s. cleaning process exists to destroy the bacteria on the outside of the eggshell. It is why eggs are supposed to be refrigerated in the US versus other countries where they are left out.
Spelling bee nightmare 17 comments
jes5890 · 39 weeks ago
I believe asking parts of speech handles it.
Troll art from Kpop fan pages 5 comments
jes5890 · 42 weeks ago
They should get job drawing titans for SnK.
The tweet of the day 14 comments
jes5890 · 51 weeks ago
On a personal level yes its totally fine as long as you affect no one else with your beliefs.
But since its the same as a business saying whites only, no. Racism was a christian defence. The bible is rife with slavery, misogeny, all manner of what we consider wrong these days. We evolve over time. This is just societys current battle over what amounts to the same thing.
Dog has evolved 6 comments
jes5890 · 1 year ago
All I can think is "Where are my testicles, Summer?"
Giggity doggity 4 comments
jes5890 · 1 year ago
Mine hogs the bed and slowly pushes me to the edge through the night.
Even I don't know 15 comments
jes5890 · 1 year ago
And every day is a holiday.
I'm glad he found them 22 comments
jes5890 · 1 year ago
Id drown before I left my baby. Fur doesnt mean shes not family.
"Pay my rent" 12 comments
jes5890 · 1 year ago
The dare doesnt say pay for it. Be specific.
Will you survive? 53 comments
jes5890 · 1 year ago
Looks like the Winchester for me.
Sass level: Hawkeye when drunk 12 comments
jes5890 · 1 year ago
Personally, my brother is saved as his name, not brother. So maybe his sister is just her name.
Saying 'you should exercise' is now a huge crime 21 comments
jes5890 · 1 year ago
I would say anyone that big would know and be ashamed and more likely more depressed at yet another comment, whether it is meant in a mean way or not, but people like this? Nah, people "proud" of it are just fucking insane.
Being okay with yourself is one thing. Sure, accept yourself, don't let it eat at you and destroy your mental health, but dont promote it as healthy when its not.