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Surname search 6 comments
lihea · 2 days ago
Pneumatic vibrators.... Ok...
How big is yours? 10 comments
lihea · 1 week ago
I've seen women with d cups and an areola the size of 80 % of their breast. if that was the size of their butthole then.... Then I finally understand why fisting can happen?
Dating is hard 7 comments
lihea · 1 week ago
Agreed. You lost nothing and gained valuable time that you would have otherwise wasted on someone with clearly bad humor.
Poor guy 5 comments
lihea · 1 week ago
She wrote him an essay on why he sucks... Poor guy will need years to recover from that...
Employee of the month 3 comments
lihea · 1 week ago
Cleveland is truly a master of words...
Mental illnessĀ  14 comments
lihea · 1 week ago
And that's what many people don't understand; that because you had to keep it together during some really bad stuff, and managed to do it, you now have no more reserve left and fall apart at the most trivial crap.
It's like running a marathon for so long that you pull several muscles in the process, but you crossed the finish line. Now you need time to heal those muscles and can't really walk all that well anymore.
Well played 54 comments
lihea · 1 week ago
Send this to someone who needs motivation 25 comments
lihea · 2 weeks ago
I really wish I had read this 2 years ago when you posted it. I needed to hear this so bad then.
Still happy to have read it today and will keep reminding myself of it :)
As real men should 7 comments
lihea · 2 weeks ago
*clears throat*
Well you can tell by the way I use my walk I'm a woman's man, no time to talk.
We need POCKETS! 9 comments
lihea · 2 weeks ago
Preach it!!!
Meh :/ 2 comments
lihea · 2 weeks ago
This man is secretly a cat. I'm sure of it.
An uncle iroh post today because you never know who'll need it 12 comments
lihea · 2 weeks ago
We all need more uncle Iroh in our lives.
well, shit happens.. 13 comments
lihea · 3 weeks ago
72 raisins for going to war? That's a very small reward... To be honest I wouldn't even go to the supermarket for 1172 raisins...
Hot doggets! 7 comments
lihea · 3 weeks ago
Is the dog alive? Do you get multiple alive dogs in each packet??
I'll take 10!!!
No. 9 comments
lihea · 3 weeks ago
Instead of a like, I would give this post a cry...
Conservatory room addition in the UK 9 comments
lihea · 4 weeks ago
That's the first thing I thought!
Bros don't do that 5 comments
lihea · 6 weeks ago
I once lived around the corner from a nightclub and my bedroom window was right above the only place to get burgers after midnight, so I got to hear a lot of funny drunk convo's.
My fave was:
"You don't even know her!"
" I don't care! I love her!"
" You don't even know what she does!!"
" I don't care, I love her!!"
" You don't even know what her parents do!"
11 · Edited 6 weeks ago
Perfect photo 3 comments
lihea · 7 weeks ago
This bird monstrosity could make an entire new franchise of horror movies.
Anotren? 166 comments
lihea · 11 weeks ago
Economically conscious puffin 21 comments
lihea · 18 weeks ago
I just think that minimum wage should be enough to live off of. That's what it was intended to guarentee. It doesn't need to be high enough to drive a porsche, but enough to rent a small flat, put food on the table and buy the minimum necessities.
Help! Any advices? 29 comments
lihea · 18 weeks ago
Choppily swing along to the tune accompanied by a barely audible out of rythm clap and make eye contact with every single person (obviously not at the same time. Hold eye contact for 5 seconds, then move to the next). To smile or not is up to you.
That'll teach them to make things awkward for you!
Disabled cat has a bodyguard friend 3 comments
lihea · 27 weeks ago
It' ok, I just have something in my eye is all...
Breast friend 5 comments
lihea · 29 weeks ago
Booby trap
Itachi, L, and Grey Anatomy fans 3 comments
lihea · 29 weeks ago
I still block episode 25 from my memory.