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The happy trio 2 comments
mrscollector · 2 hours ago
Lmfao that isn't even stretching it lol it is completely true. I use to have sleep overs with my best friend growing up and 3 other friends of ours and we all share my best friend's queen bed. 5 girls all in a queen bed. If one of us has to turn we all turned lmao.
Taking out the trash 2 comments
mrscollector · 2 hours ago
More than likely the guy did more than just toss stuff out the window to end up in the dirt. The trash was probably just the last straw.
I’m like totally fangirling over Noah Centineo 16 comments
mrscollector · 7 hours ago
Ok I am far to old to be "like liking" him but if I was a good 16 years young woooh lol AND HAY HAY HAY I am not a perv I like men far to old for me as well lol. David Tennant I love you lol and Johnny Depp lol and Colin Firth
You know I am just not helping myself I am taking my shovel to a different place to bury myself ok bye lol
Goals 6 comments
mrscollector · 8 hours ago
Don't worry as long as I have internet and funsubstance still is up and running I plan to be here. lol It keeps me sane lol. And thank you for your kind words. It means alot. 80)
Goals 6 comments
mrscollector · 9 hours ago
Lol well my daughter is 11 and I have been married this October for 13 years. So if I was in my 20s it wouldn't add up right. Lol I am 36 since August 6th.
As for my young spirt it comes from my parents both were and are kids at heart lol My Dad on his last day on Earth farted and blamed on the guy sharing his room lol.
My mom well she is just like a teenager at heart.
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Ariana Grande stops mid-song to start over after an audience shouted he wasn't recording 5 comments
mrscollector · 10 hours ago
I love when stars interact with the crowd like that.
Local newspaper article 3 comments
mrscollector · 11 hours ago
O don't worry I don't use any slave owner money because all my money is on a direct deposit to my bank card. I can't even remember that last time I used real cash.
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Goals 6 comments
mrscollector · 11 hours ago
If only I live that long I will be 87 so damn lol
She's weird 4 comments
mrscollector · 15 hours ago
She is a keeper lol
The face of a cold blooded killer 5 comments
mrscollector · 19 hours ago
Ha ha ha *evil laugh* Lizard thinks it can come into my yard and make funny of me. I showed him. Well who has the last laugh now?
Peace and quiet 10 comments
mrscollector · 20 hours ago
And get tree sap all over the tent? Or have wildlife use your tent as a place to help them climb the tree? Nope.
Bears playing with a balloon 10 comments
mrscollector · 22 hours ago
Lmao they look like people in bear costumes lol they are so cute
Nom nom nom nom nom 2 comments
mrscollector · 23 hours ago
My cat Allen (who I named after my Dad who passed away) loves to do this lol. We call his tail "Him poof poof" lol.
Can't help myself 7 comments
mrscollector · 1 day ago
Yeah but than another part of my brain goes well they started it. lol
Nice kiss 1 comments
mrscollector · 1 day ago
That is why not!
Peace and quiet 10 comments
mrscollector · 1 day ago
Have you ever slept in a tent past sunrise it gets HOT AS FUCK! You HAVE TO get up with the sun.
The early duckling 9 comments
mrscollector · 1 day ago
And if you don't go to sleep and stay up late you can have a really long day till one day you look at your life and question why do you even live anymore sleep was one good thing in your life and it's gone now.
Hi I don't sleep much I stay up all night till 9am than sleep till 330pm on week days. On week ends I sleep from 3am till 2pm lol
I think I am slowly killing myself. I do this because in order to spend time with my husband I have to stay up late dor when he gets home from work at 10pm. And I have to be up at 5am to wake my daughter to go to school and once she is gone I do chores around the house than finally go to sleep.
Only days I get regular sleep is a day I have to go substitute. Which is rare lately due to stress over my mom's health and OMGOD I am SOOOOO TIRED.
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I have a surprise for you! 1 comments
mrscollector · 1 day ago
I HATE to do dishes.
When I was living with my brother he always made me do them. One time they were very high and I REALLY didn't want to do them. So he said as a joke. "I hid a candy bar in the dishes if you do then you can have it." I still didn't do them. Well that day we had a bet about some bit of knowledge I don't remember what but I won I was right he was wrong so since he lost HE had to do the dishes. So he starts washing them when he says "WHAT THE FUCK?!" He holds up a candy wrapper and says "WHAT THE FUCK?! There really was a candy in the dishes and you lazy ass just ate the candy and left the dishes!!!" Lmfao
See he never really did hide a candy in the dishes the wrapper was probably just was stuck to a plate or something but the fact he was just that day jokeing there was a hidden candy in the dishes and he finds a wrapper was just to funny.
You can’t handle the truth 7 comments
mrscollector · 2 days ago
Ok number 1. all milk comes from boobs. Just only human milk is called breast milk for some weird reason. I always thought it should be called mother's milk.
2. Trust me it is not pee like at all. Pee comes out like a stream where as "breast milk" comes out of nipples like you took a pin to balloon filled with water poked a shit ton of holes in it all in one area and squeezed the water out so it comes out like a damn shower head. I know because I had to pump my own breast with a hand pump that had a plastic see through cover to place your breast into. And trust me it is the weirdest shit you will ever see.
3. Breast milk is exactly like milk you get at a store. If someone replaced your milk with breast milk trust me you will not notice.
4. If you really want to call milk pee than you should do that to cow and goat milk that shit comes out things that look like a bunch of dicks lmao.
Technically he is correct 7 comments
mrscollector · 2 days ago
Ok now listen I am going to say something I once heard from a drag queen.
"When a man dresses like a woman he is not trying to be just any woman. He is trying to dress like if he was born a woman what would he look like.
Woman dress to look like a woman they want to be. Not who they are. Girls see these beautiful tall slender woman every where they go and they think ok I am supposed to look like her. So they try to look like them.
Meanwhile drag queens are going around and some of us look more beautiful than any real woman. Why? Because we are just being ourselves. We are taking our true beauty and instead of turning it into something it isn't we make it shine and say...
So till girls do that they will always be out shined."
It was why I never go extrame on make up or cared so much on what name was on my clothes or purses. Just as long as I looked good. Because I refused to compare myself ever again.
Breakkkawayyyyy 12 comments
mrscollector · 2 days ago
The movies are better than the books trust me.
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Breakkkawayyyyy 12 comments
mrscollector · 2 days ago
She doesn't get the guy in one book infact it takes alot for him to finally tell her and when he does she runs away.
One book she just takes moon rocks and give it to the guy. They were REAL rocks for the actual moon. And they were her grandmothers. Also her Dad is alive in the books he has testicular cancer so can't have more kids. So the ONLY REASON they tell Mia she is royalty is because he can't have a full blooded royal kid. Mia takes each thing she has to do as royal like she is being held against her will to do it. Her grandmother is stuck up and clearly only there to teach her what to do because she thinks Mia will screw everything up if she let's someone else show her how to act. She looks down on everything Mia does and when Mia does something right she acts as if it was all her doing. They are not at all as close as they are in the movie. In the books Mia acts as a goodie goodie spoiled brat. Who really is weak and manlipitive.
Breakkkawayyyyy 12 comments
mrscollector · 2 days ago
In order for a Disney character to be classified as a real "Disney Princess" they must be:
Royal by marriage or birth.
They movie has to make so much at the box office.
The character must be a certain age or older.
If they are to successful they will go out on their own. This is why Anna and Elsa are not of the line up.
Breakkkawayyyyy 12 comments
mrscollector · 2 days ago
She is a better person in the movies than the books. That's the truth.
Same goes for her grandmother.
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Seize the moment 6 comments
mrscollector · 2 days ago
If you are saying these are pictures of people recreating old pictures and one person in the pictures have passed away. I swear you're going to have me crying real bad. So it better be the other person forgot when the time was to show up. lol