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Seagulls; If They Land, They Stand. On pretty much anything 2 comments
mrscollector · 14 hours ago
We did ask our Dad what the hell did you put in the chilli if it melts beaks lmao he just yells IT WAS JUST CAN CHILLI!!! lmao
He was always so damn funny when he got mad.
Like a pissed off puppy lol
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Seagulls; If They Land, They Stand. On pretty much anything 2 comments
mrscollector · 14 hours ago
Seagulls are assholes lol
My brother lived in Corpus Christi tx. One day he say a traffic cop eating a burger and directing traffic at the same time. The cop had his burger in his hand he streched that arm out to show the cars where to go a seagull swooped down snatched the burger away and flew off leave the cop with nothing but a wrapper. The cop crumpled the wrapper up threw it I anger at the bird and cussed and howled for a good 5 minutes. Lmao
Another time we all were at the beach and my Dad was making hotdogs with chilli. So he goes to get something out the car. He comes back and sayshay look at those seagulls they are fighting lol what is that they seem to have something pink? Than it hits him so he runs to the grill and we hear 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 HAY YOU FUCKERS!!!
Sad later we are all done and there is just a bite of chilli left in the pot and we see a seagull bobbing in and out of it we are about to shoo it but we see it is missing half it's beak. So we let it have the rest.
Go to bed 11 comments
mrscollector · 15 hours ago
It is only 1032 here in California so you can't make me.
You must have farted 14 comments
mrscollector · 18 hours ago
It was before smart phones and the phones that did have cameras were expenses. If I wanted to have my picture taken it would of been with a disposable camera. And who really wants a 8x10 of thier 20 years old sister in a coma due to a hit and run. Especially if said sister told you before she blacked out not to call Mom and Dad unless I am dying.
I didn't want to worry them if I was going to be ok. And they still don't know they think I tripped and fell down the stairs and broke my leg.
So no I didn't have any proof seeing as the one to take the picture would of been my brother who never left my side while I was in the coma and only went home after I forced him to go get rest.
Take it seriously 2 comments
mrscollector · 22 hours ago
Not a first date but definitely a date and trust I wouldn't show any mercy either. But I can't promise I won't call you a asshole if you best me to many times. Lol
Find them!!! 5 comments
mrscollector · 23 hours ago
Damn I ended up with someone who makes me go (0.o) every day lmao
Holidays with kids 5 comments
mrscollector · 23 hours ago
You have no idea how fucking true this is lmao.
When me and hubby we're just married we went to a hotel for a long weekend get away and took a large suit case we shared we were gone 4 nights.
When we went to Disneyland this past February with our than 10 year old we took 3 suit cases 2 back packs one was full of toys and a fabric shopping bag of snacks and drinks (food was due to her illness she has she can only eat certain things). We were only there for 2 nights.
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You must have farted 14 comments
mrscollector · 1 day ago
First thing I do is contact Robert and tell him what happen. He says well I think we should break up not like we will meet up and you were gone so long I asked a girl out at work. I asked how long did you wait to ask her. He wouldn't answer till I demanded he answer. He said he asked her out about 5 days after we last talked.
Now I don't hold that he did it while I was held up in a hospital fresh out of a coma. I do think the fucker could of waited MORE THAN A WEEK!
And news to his ass I met my husband online and we did meet up and I did plan to meet Robert but I am fucking glad I didn't.
O and he said I was probably lieing so he would feel bad about dumping me. -.-
You must have farted 14 comments
mrscollector · 1 day ago
Before I met my husband I had a bf named Robert.
See Robert was a long distance relationship. So one day I say good night to him and say I will talk to him the next day. I than go outside to take out the trash before heading to bed. Well it was a really dark night and I ended up getting hit by a car. Lucky me it was in a parking lot so they weren't going to fast. But fast enough to hurt me real bad. I pulled my self to the curb and laid in the dirt crying in pain. My brother came out looking for me because the last time I took an hour to take out the trash I accidentally tossed out the trash can lol and he thought I did it again and couldn't get it out. He called 911 when he found me. He almost stepped on me it was so dark.
I ended up with a broken leg and was in a coma for 3 days. It took a month nearly before I could get home and get online again.
You must science 17 comments
mrscollector · 1 day ago
The moon is made of bananas not cheese you know that lol
It is full of potassium which is what bananas are full of so if so fact so moon is made of bananas lol
(No I am not drunk)
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Equal 33 comments
mrscollector · 1 day ago
@guest_ As for the last one.
I do believe all things should be considered not separate.
Do they seem like they get along with the other workers
Do they need the job and why
Will the job be to hard for them
What is thier work history
In the interview did they show they could handle the work
Are they willing to learn if needed
What was the cause of losing their last jobs
And so on so many things can change depending on the job but you get the best of it.
Not once should anyone use the fact that they have mostly one type of race or one type of sex so they need someone that is a different type to judge if someone gets the job. Or should they only give the job to only one type of race or sex.
Now I will admit there is always going to be small exceptions like say in Disneyland Tiana should be played by a black female and Snow White by a white female. And in movies if the part is for a type of race or sex or body types than it should be played by one, same for all movies, Tv, and so on.
Equal 33 comments
mrscollector · 1 day ago
@guest_ for your 2nd comment
To say a billionaire would lose his things and not know how to live poor is a 1st world problem. All those lovely things is a want and all the things you want is not what you need.
I want a 2 level house and a full fridge with 3 cars and pocket money like I had when I was growing up but we had that due to hard work from both my parents and grandmother. But me, my husband, and daughter don't NEED all that to live. We NEED 1 car our little apartment and food that we make a menu for and buy a week's worth of food at a time.
That worker has may already have a job sustaining his family but he worked hard to get where he is and where he wants to be and for what little he has unlike the other who has friends. And I believe in only giving higher jobs to people already in the company. And only offering to outsiders if no one wants the job.
Equal 33 comments
mrscollector · 1 day ago
@guest_ for your first comment on citizen ship I feel it is right to ask people who are going to any foreign country to live to take a test or at the least show some sign they wish to live, work, pay taxes, live by that countries rules and try to learn the spoken and written language. I know if I planned to live the rest of my life in any other country I would do the same.
I don't consider it a birth right to get instant citizenship or luck I think it something that should be done because if we are never given citizenship to the place we were born than why would anyone ever try to receive citizenship it will just make us roam around and at will the country we are in will have the right to just kick us out.
Citizenship is more than saying this is where I live it is saying I have a RIGHT to be here I was born here or I earned my be here and you can't make me leave.
I do think it shouldn't be so hard to get it but if you get one and become a criminal it should be revoked.
Equal 33 comments
mrscollector · 1 day ago
Like if two people of any race or sex ask for a job and the first one is single and living with their parents and just looking for a way to get extra cash while the second is a single parent needing the job to support thier family but the first has a better job experience than the second the second should have a better chance at getting the job because they need the job more.
Or say a homeless person is looking for a job and a person who is looking for a summer job the homeless person should have the better chance at the job.
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Stuck to the ground 3 comments
mrscollector · 1 day ago
That is ok honey I refuse to jump to lmfao I stopped jumping after I got out of school lmfao I was like sweet no more of that shit.
FYI I really did stop because every time I did even as a kid I would feel like my head was swishing around my brain and made me feel sick.
Equal 33 comments
mrscollector · 1 day ago
See I believe in EQUAL rights for all not equal rights for women or for a certain race. I believe if you have one man and woman of every race each all the same age going for a job they all should only be judged on thier need for the job, their work ethic, and their job background (as in have they done this kind of work before).
I believe we all should have a right to join a group that is only for our "kind" so we can share our feelings and experiences of living everyday life.
Also we should not be called racist if we only wish to date some one only of our own race or religion. As long as we are not doing it due to hateing a type of person but because we are just attracted to only that type of person.
Sadly though I feel even if the world was refreshed and given a new start with no hate only love I feel it wouldn't be long till we we're back to where we were because no one wants to be treated equal everyone wants to be treated BETTER than others.
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And chocolate milk comes from brown cows 11 comments
mrscollector · 1 day ago
If you think a painful dragged out death is better than a swift painless one you are a heartless person. Rarely ever is a deer or any wild animal hunted shot and instantly dies. I have seen deers shot and they stumble and try to run away but bleed out or if they are found alive thier throats are slit or necks broken or shot again. It is not humane it is heartless.
And as for live stock not all farmers are as you think. A sick animal or unhappy or hurt animal means less money for them.
My family has cattle for breeding only so they roam free in our wooded pasture.
When it comes time to slaughter people will pack up their live stock to a slaughter house but you are fucking stupid if you think they are not dead before cut up. It is hard to be alive when your brain is either mush or your head isn't attached at all.
And I had to go to a health class once where they had a guy come in show us how they take care of chickens than he killed it infront of us and dissect its still warm body.
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Fireworks (Spooky Story) 7 comments
mrscollector · 2 days ago
Stealing and killing a dog. That is against the law let alone the emotional damage that this would cause.
I know if someone did that to my dog I would go into depression thinking of the horrible way she was killed. She was probably scared and didn't know what was going on.
I would of killed the guy myself or at the least put him in intensive care and I would of plead not guilty due to a moment of insanity brought on due to his actions.
Explains why he was so insanely calm and happy 5 comments
mrscollector · 2 days ago
Well he was once a drill instructor and he said the reason he spoke softly is because he swore he would never yell ever again. So maybe the people he killed are people who made him yell.
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Worker in Subway destroys a vegan 16 comments
mrscollector · 2 days ago
True you are right.
It really was awesome when she started to cry because I thought it was because she realized she been eating dead animals but no it was because she realized she now can't ever eat marshmellows or gelatin ever again if she wanted to stay vegan.
I'm watching you 1 comments
mrscollector · 2 days ago
When someone you don't know is talking to your crush and you know they are not related because you stalked him on all social medias.
And chocolate milk comes from brown cows 11 comments
mrscollector · 2 days ago
I wouldn't say the animal meat in the store "wasn't harmed" but it was killed using a humane method. Were as an animal that was hunted would have died in fear and in pain.
I always thought the right thing to do is hunt useing tranquilizer darts so the person gets all the joy of the hunt and pictures but the animal gets to roam free.
But than again I love wild boar sausage and ham.
Don't judge me my uncle gave them to us.
I guess if you truly use all the animal and don't let anything go to waist and you do it not for sport but for food than ok but if you do it for fun only and waste the meat just so you can take your trophy than that is wrong.
Worker in Subway destroys a vegan 16 comments
mrscollector · 2 days ago
Just so you guys know when I mean she would constantly talk about how I should lose weight I don't mean how a friend would tell you because they love you and worry about you I mean she did it in a bulling way. I remember one time this bitch wrote a paper for health class about how eating right and exercise is so good for your body and she used me as an example of what will happen if you don't. She didn't use my name exactly she called me "her friend with a M" my name is Melodie. She read it infront of the whole class and everyone looked at me the minute she said "her friend with a M"
I swear to God I wish I did worse to her. Like slipped her ham or something. lol
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Gonna go report myself for animal abuse 3 comments
mrscollector · 2 days ago
I call BS.
See we use to have this dog named puggy. The dog loved to sit with my Dad in his chair. (-.-) (don't hate me I never ever did it to hurt him nore did he ever get hurt we just loved how it made him mad) he was a pug/chihuahua and he had a special nose that unlike other dogs had no slits on the side it was like a pig nose and well (-.-) I played a game called can you breath.
Just push on his nose and he looked like he was blowing up a balloon than he explode and this is why I did it he would get so mad he would quake like a duck and try to eat me. After he gave us a look like ha ha that was funny.
One time he was on my Dad's lap I did this and he accidentally got a mouth full of my dad's thumb. WITH THE THUMB IN HIS MOUTH HE LOOKS UP SEES MY DAD AND VERY SLOWLY PUSHES THE THUMB OUT OF HIS MOUTH WITH HIS TOUNGE. lmfao he gave the thumb a kiss and leaned next to my Dad like love you don't kill me it was an accident. He than shoots me this like this is all your fault fucker!
Aardvarks sleep hard 2 comments
mrscollector · 2 days ago
I love aardvarks because they look like a living cartoon character lmao