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The only micro-transactions I'd pay for 2 comments
phisherman · 45 minutes ago
Someone payed $4.99
Benefits of being a Vet :3 7 comments
phisherman · 4 days ago
They look just like my baby.
"Men need to open up more and share their feelings" 11 comments
phisherman · 2 weeks ago
Any person worth more than that is gonna leave if they’re only getting superficial affection. You’re just making a system where you drive away the people you actually want to be around you.
On this day 5 years ago, someone sewed an egg to their shirt 10 comments
phisherman · 3 weeks ago
I was wondering if this would pop up again.
The way it glides and changes words 3 comments
phisherman · 7 weeks ago
Wireless earbuds from China 3 comments
phisherman · 8 weeks ago
I wouldn’t call it earbuds, more like earbud
Milk force field 12 comments
phisherman · 8 weeks ago
Why did someone put it under a tap? It’s cool but I’m wonder how someone finds out it can do this?
Look at me dab 5 comments
phisherman · 10 weeks ago
That video is actually pretty amazing.
Respect Guy Fieri 11 comments
phisherman · 11 weeks ago
He and I have the same birthday. He is the only notable person I can find that does.
Camoflague 2 comments
phisherman · 13 weeks ago
Cecropia Moth the largest Moth species in North America 4 comments
phisherman · 13 weeks ago
It’s so pretty!!
How to get a killer six-pack 4 comments
phisherman · 14 weeks ago
I can’t even hula-hoop normally.
Uh-oh 5 comments
phisherman · 14 weeks ago
Idk when my friend was like 7 she chugged a glass of vodka cause she thought it was water and was super thirsty
I wanna eat some porgy 9 comments
phisherman · 14 weeks ago
I want to high all the time!
Orangg 7 comments
phisherman · 15 weeks ago
If you meet a true cat person and ask they’ll start talking about the breed of cat they own. Most down cause it’s less common knowledge and people start to look at you funny, also most kitties come from rescues and very few from breeders. Even less from breeders with breed paperwork.
Cats are evil 5 comments
phisherman · 17 weeks ago
Feral cats will meow as long as their mother responds, house cats always get responded to so they just don’t stop.
Pillow fight 7 comments
phisherman · 17 weeks ago
Man, I miss this show.
I think I downloaded the wrong game 7 comments
phisherman · 18 weeks ago
No I think you downloaded the right one.
Uhh, yeah! 16 comments
phisherman · 19 weeks ago
Sorry to burst your bubble, but that’s just a picture of a pie eating contest.
Makes sense 3 comments
phisherman · 19 weeks ago
Date men, what’s more manly than 2 men?!
Are you serious? 19 comments
phisherman · 20 weeks ago
It’s the same with tootsie rolls.
It worked 6 comments
phisherman · 21 weeks ago
Summer time fun!
Good news 6 comments
phisherman · 22 weeks ago
The main issue is many of the activities were vastly different from anything they got to do in Girl Scouts/Guides. Anyway Scouts have let in girls for a good long while before the name change so it’s mostly a moot point.
No name 7 comments
phisherman · 24 weeks ago
They are pretty good actually, not too different from the name brand stuff.
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In The Mound (Spooky Story) 8 comments
phisherman · 24 weeks ago
If you don’t enjoy it just move on. It’s labeled on each post what it contains.