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I'm just a grown up dirt bag, babyyyyy

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The newest Olympic category: Cat Curling 4 comments
swagenecht · 2 days ago
Kitty loves it!!
Not if you live in a winter area 12 comments
swagenecht · 2 days ago
You can clean yah stinky bits without having to 'shower' or stand under hot water which is, in fact, very harsh and drying on your skin. But that's none of my business.
Pretty much 16 comments
swagenecht · 3 days ago
I'm just saying this cause I can and it's my opinion- but it seemed she had deeper issues going on in her life and she chose to commit suicide.. not sure who is to blame here but I can say for sure she made that choice.
Hanging onto a fridge door 10 comments
swagenecht · 6 days ago
Wow is she lucky there was a counter to stop the fridge from crushing her.
23 · Edited 6 days ago
I don't even know 3 comments
swagenecht · 2 weeks ago
Funny dedication
What's your rap name 37 comments
swagenecht · 2 weeks ago
Young Titties
Thank you 14 comments
swagenecht · 2 weeks ago
Very pro this movement! The choice is yours!
Wants and needs 69 comments
swagenecht · 6 weeks ago
Medicaid/Obamacare paid for my IUD twice (one time it dejected itself) and now I'll be baby free for 5 years! Highly recommend longer term birth control. Babies are the death of the world.
homesickness :/ 9 comments
swagenecht · 9 weeks ago
:( very sad
When you need that handicap spot 7 comments
swagenecht · 13 weeks ago
Oh my god! her poor ankle....... I broke my ankle last year and wooooooooooweeeeeee.
It means I can sing in my dining room again. 3 comments
swagenecht · 14 weeks ago
And wear no clothes!
Lemme hear about your weird dreams in the comments 48 comments
swagenecht · 21 weeks ago
I had a dream a demonic angel holding a syringe as large as she- was flying around trying to catch me and inject me with whatever deep yellow&spotted green fluid was inside of it.. she finally catches me, pins me down, and I can feel an electric buzz in my brain and a stabbing pain in my forearm and I wake up completely numb on my left side. Had this dream over 12 years ago.
Kickass fact comp #82 16 comments
swagenecht · 23 weeks ago
More, please!
Fox bamboozles 11 comments
swagenecht · 27 weeks ago
I love foxes! More fox posts
Well I trust him! 9 comments
swagenecht · 27 weeks ago
Sounds something like D Trumps announcement for running for the POTUS lol
Nightcrawler - Movie Poster 12 9 comments
swagenecht · 33 weeks ago
Fantastic movie!
Chameleon trying to catch its prey 6 comments
swagenecht · 34 weeks ago
I love that the bug is like "uhhhh....bye."
So these things do exist 15 comments
swagenecht · 35 weeks ago
They are SO good.
I don't know who's to blame, but the fact is that people just aren't happy 27 comments
swagenecht · 39 weeks ago
Nothing and no one is to blame.. take control of your own life.
I dislike him as a person. But I respect him as a husband. A good husband 13 comments
swagenecht · 40 weeks ago
He's so in love with Kim and I think that's special.
Damn that's a nice acid! 7 comments
swagenecht · 40 weeks ago
I like this visual.
Damn that's a nice acid! 7 comments
swagenecht · 40 weeks ago
Also.. anyone's butt in yoga pants, bent over, and sticking out- looks good...
Amazing poem 7 comments
swagenecht · 42 weeks ago
I love this haha.
Take them off 5 comments
swagenecht · 44 weeks ago
I read an article a while back that said he wanted to do it without clothes on but the photographer didn't think it would be a good idea.
Feel old yet? 15 comments
swagenecht · 46 weeks ago
Bout to be 26. #swag