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Go nuts. 29 comments
swordswinger · 37 weeks ago
Me too, Geralt, me too
Thanks, I have nightmares now 48 comments
swordswinger · 48 weeks ago
He looks like the dude from Tangled
Ever seen a half-albino peac*ck? 26 comments
swordswinger · 50 weeks ago
This bird is very real, but it's not half albino nor piebald. It's simply a cross between a white peafowl and a blue peafowl.
Force over finesse 8 comments
swordswinger · 51 weeks ago
Don't mess with the HEMA guys, we're crazy
Half albino 7 comments
swordswinger · 1 year ago
Actually white peacocks are perfectly normal colouring and as with chickens when you breed two colours together both colours show. White peacocks are a variant of the Indian blue peafowl, which is why they breed true.