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You must science 17 comments
themasssnipe · 1 day ago
Both have still been recorded to heavily damage and shrink brain tissue. Aderall just takes more time since you do take it in as high of a quantity. Stimulants are bad for you.
7 hours tops. 4 comments
themasssnipe · 3 days ago
Joking about a lack of mental health is such a boring ass meme. I keep seeing these shitty millenials jokes about how they're their lifes in shambles. I dont think anyone really cares and if it really is a problem then you should stop joking and get help. Put your life in order.
Obama can not be reigned in 40 comments
themasssnipe · 1 week ago
I mean almost as many people lost their healthcare as gain healthcare in Chicago, due to Obama care.
Realistic 56 comments
themasssnipe · 6 weeks ago
I didnt really care about her being a woman... I cared more about the fact that she had a prosthetic arm... like wtf. Now that's some desperate diversity shit. I guarantee you, very few people would have their arm blown off and pay a living fuck ton of money for a prosthetic during this time, and then go back to fighting in the war. Might as well make her a LatinX trans person while their digging for diversity point.
Solar power 46 comments
themasssnipe · 10 weeks ago
Also most European solar statistics only cover consumer energy use which is roughly 1/3 of a first world countries' energy consumption. Until someone makes affordable electric carnes, you're not getting of diesel and coal.
Quote from Vala afshar 6 comments
themasssnipe · 11 weeks ago
Also another note. Most deforestation has nothing to do with wood and trees as a resource. It has to do with creating more space for housing and farm land, especially in 3rd world countries. It's pretty well know that the world has a carrying capacity, but with technology, it continually rises. We are able to build more high rises in areas we couldn't previous develop, cause in point some where like LA. This fact is full of bias. If it had stopped after the first few sentences the statement would have been correct
Disabled girl proves herself 36 comments
themasssnipe · 15 weeks ago
I found out I had sever dyslexia when I was 20. Never found because I my brain memorized the overall shape of every word I read. I was always the fastest reader in all my courses since I never actually had to fully look at the words. I was only when I focused on the words that I realized I didn't know what the fuck I was looking at. Graduated with dual degrees in Engineering.
Adulthood 5 comments
themasssnipe · 15 weeks ago
I'm in college doing 100 hours of hw a week for two different Engineering degrees. Homework is no joke.
It's not that bad 15 comments
themasssnipe · 16 weeks ago
Mate I've gone 12 days with nothing but water and a little salt to prevent cramping. Not eating for a long period of time is really easy when you're used to it.
Life is tough 38 comments
themasssnipe · 16 weeks ago
With food and internet, that's 24k a year, which is still less than a minimum wage job in any city where rent is 1.2k. You can still save, you just suck at financies and probably spend money on shit you don't need. You can literally mass buy decent quality chinese cotton clothes for dirt cheap.
Anotren? 173 comments
themasssnipe · 27 weeks ago
Uropman.... EuropeMan
F.Y.I 14 comments
themasssnipe · 33 weeks ago
Wow, I didn't know I could read that fast. I've always had to stop and reread everything cuz I keeps moving.
He's tweeting from hell 34 comments
themasssnipe · 36 weeks ago
Young Nut
Can't carry the joke 9 comments
themasssnipe · 39 weeks ago
I was 18 when I first squated 555. This defiantly confused the shit out of me till I realized the person in the snap had leggings and was probably a girl. 24 inch quads btw.
Wind power ruin the landscape 5 comments
themasssnipe · 47 weeks ago
The massive amounts of refined Neodymium needed to create one windmill(1200lb) produces 40 gallons of acid water and a gallon of radioactive waste. Also the mines in china where they get this shit look roughly same if not worse than a coal mine.
The sarcasm 48 comments
themasssnipe · 49 weeks ago
Wind turbines use alot of rare earth elements such as neodymium. This has created two problems. One alot of acid water and radioactive waste is created from mining it. Two were running out of readily available neodymium, which means they're going to get significantly more expensive. If you actually give a shit about the environment, hydro and nuclear are the only legit solutions.
Larry brown 15 comments
themasssnipe · 51 weeks ago
Well Psychiatry is bullshit in the US. Try a psychologists. You know... the people that actually try to solve mental problems without drugs.
Ironic 5 comments
themasssnipe · 51 weeks ago 4
We really just need to make this change already. 24 comments
themasssnipe · 1 year ago
We already have. It was passed into law decades ago - which is my physics teachers favorite joke was: How many Americans does it take to change a light bulb. Answer: What do you mean by change?
Side note. He was also gay, so that joke had multiple connotations.
FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS *flies into the sun* 19 comments
themasssnipe · 1 year ago
das funny
Find you a man 9 comments
themasssnipe · 1 year ago
Economics is all about rarity. The more rare something is, the more its worth. Having "hands" and doing manual labor is not a rare commodity and thus pays very little. Knowing how to run a business and being able to take calculated risks is a rare skill and thus CEOs are payed alot. I bet most people dont even know how to even set up a buisness.
Bye bye capitalism 48 comments
themasssnipe · 1 year ago
I've both talked and listened to a multitude of economists and economic professors in the last year and I can assure you that capitalism is not dying. In fact its actually evolving into a new type of capitalism which has been given many names. I like the term theoretical physicist Michio Kaku uses which is Perfect Capitalism. A world where everyone has information on every product.
I also dont understand how anyone can take the gaurdian seriously when half their claims or opinions have either no evidence or not enough substantial evidence.
Simmer well pupper 149 comments
themasssnipe · 1 year ago
simmer well pupper
to clarify the meaning of feminism 47 comments
themasssnipe · 1 year ago
Despite your opinion on what the word "feminist" means, most woman in the US do not like the new feminist movement. This all based on both pew and gallup polls. Only 18% of females actual identify as feminists and men only pole im the single digits. Its never about what the name of the movement means, its about the actions and beliefs of their constituents.
I mean hey, it's a woman that said it! 38 comments
themasssnipe · 1 year ago
Equity without equality. Equal oppurtunity without equal out come.