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I found Mark Zuckerberg in some art from 1544 7 comments
typow777 · 1 day ago
His erection...
Chinese developments 4 comments
typow777 · 3 days ago
The city Yujiapu was empty in 2014. Now larger companies are filling in.
Mark Zukerberg is dying soon 5 comments
typow777 · 5 days ago
Careful that could be seen as a threat these days
That's right 1 comments
typow777 · 2 weeks ago
Supra :)
The magic isn't paying our bills 54 comments
typow777 · 4 weeks ago
Sure the raise is nice, Disney is forcing the employees to sign a new contract to get it. It's mainly the workers in the union that don't want the new contract. The real kicker is to receive the 1k bonus you must sign a new contract! Extortion-"the practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats"
Bruhh 6 comments
typow777 · 4 weeks ago
What game is this!?
Most humans are terrible drivers and thousands are killed each year because of it 14 comments
typow777 · 4 weeks ago
No amount of technology can stop this unfortunate situation. Evidently the woman stepped into traffic without looking, and not in a crosswalk. Going 40mph and someone steps 10' infront of you ... Their going to have a bad time