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Upvote frozen pizza badger for no bites on your next pizza 2 comments
typow777 · 2 hours ago
Mmmmm stuffed crust
Ernest Hemingway is tough to kill 12 comments
typow777 · 5 days ago
He tried walking into a planes moving propeller, than jumping out of the same plane twice. It's really scary (to me) that after all of his accomplishments he was determined to end it all
Lawn mower on a rope 5 comments
typow777 · 1 week ago
"I'll just leave this wood here" 2 comments
typow777 · 1 week ago
Very satisfying
Conversation was too successful 2 comments
typow777 · 3 weeks ago
New Assassin's Creed?
Coast Guard vessel tackling some swell 5 comments
typow777 · 6 weeks ago
"Fuel" from Metallica is my favorite boating song. Pushing the throttle down, sometimes on 3 or 4 300+ HP motors ... Give me fuel give me fire!!
Realistic 56 comments
typow777 · 6 weeks ago
If we take it beyond the game, sure women did special ops, operate tanks and fly planes. No problem, of course they did. As far as women on the front lines face to face with a 6'4 250lb male Nazi...
Realistic 56 comments
typow777 · 7 weeks ago
Wait just a minute, this may go very wrong for me, but ... the woman of WWII we're mostly in the "We Can Do It" section. Such as factories for the planes and tanks. Not so much the front lines unless they were nurses. Women in general were definitely on the front lines, just not so much shooting at Nazis.
You know you are old if you had one of these bad boys 13 comments
typow777 · 8 weeks ago
I remember when I upgraded to a mp3 CD player. It would only last one week on 2 AAs
Harmless bee 5 comments
typow777 · 8 weeks ago
Yep, my father in law catches them in a butterfly net than steps on them. They bore holes in his timber frame home. Lil bastards
I found Mark Zuckerberg in some art from 1544 8 comments
typow777 · 12 weeks ago
His erection...
Chinese developments 4 comments
typow777 · 13 weeks ago
The city Yujiapu was empty in 2014. Now larger companies are filling in.
Mark Zukerberg is dying soon 6 comments
typow777 · 13 weeks ago
Careful that could be seen as a threat these days
That's right 1 comments
typow777 · 14 weeks ago
Supra :)
The magic isn't paying our bills 54 comments
typow777 · 16 weeks ago
Sure the raise is nice, Disney is forcing the employees to sign a new contract to get it. It's mainly the workers in the union that don't want the new contract. The real kicker is to receive the 1k bonus you must sign a new contract! Extortion-"the practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats"
Bruhh 6 comments
typow777 · 17 weeks ago
What game is this!?
Most humans are terrible drivers and thousands are killed each year because of it 14 comments
typow777 · 17 weeks ago
No amount of technology can stop this unfortunate situation. Evidently the woman stepped into traffic without looking, and not in a crosswalk. Going 40mph and someone steps 10' infront of you ... Their going to have a bad time