Any talents?
by sir_spiderman · 27 comments 43 weeks ago
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mrfahrenheit · 44 weeks ago
I'm really good at telling the time without a watch.
I can guess things really well
Oh, and I know a lot of useless and trivial information and facts
fell_equinox · 44 weeks ago
I'm really good as sensing people's emotions through body language. So if my friend is upset, I'll know before they say anything
rydler · 44 weeks ago
I dont know how I know emotions, facial expressions maybe. Word choice maybe.
grimreaper · 44 weeks ago
I can also tell your expression just by how their eyes look.
fell_equinox · 44 weeks ago
I can make any cat like me
mikriarktos · 44 weeks ago
I don't know if it's a talent but, I somehow attract all kind of animals.
Like I'll be on the street and random animals will pop out and come to me, cats, dogs, even some birds etc
sir_spiderman · 44 weeks ago
...You may be a Disney princess, my dear Yuki.
mikriarktos · 44 weeks ago
Well it sucks 'cause it includes spiders and all type of weird insects
carbonatedwaffles · 44 weeks ago
I can learn an instrument in under 4 months. I've done 6 families of instruments so far and currently learning tuba.
creativedragonbaby · 44 weeks ago
Erm... I can... uh.... give me a topic. I'll see what I'm good at
timebender25 · 44 weeks ago
I'm good at no.
fell_equinox · 44 weeks ago
Time is good at computer stuff
timebender25 · 44 weeks ago
Not particularly. I'm eh at best.
fell_equinox · 44 weeks ago
You're better than me
timebender25 · 44 weeks ago
Because you have a job and can't devote as much of your time.
kouyaaotsuki · 44 weeks ago
@carbonatedwaffles, what do you mean by learn? Grade 10 quality or just know a scale?
carbonatedwaffles · 44 weeks ago
Learning as in being able to do all 12 major scales, sight-read, play by ear, tone quality, and techniques (I'll be fair, this usually isn't done without a few years). The tone quality is usually already there due to playing 10 years on trumpet prior to learning others.
funkmasterrex · 43 weeks ago
I have the voice of a fucking angel :D. Legit though, panties have dropped. Uh... If I focus on one drawing it can get epic, but I usually don't care after 5-6 hrs for a large picture or like 20 min for a 11"x8" drawing. I know a stupid amount of astronomy, physics, and biology.... but that's from repetition so I don't consider it a talent as much as memorization. I'm an uncanny 3pt shooter, back in my HS heyday I could go 26-27/30 in a 3 pt contest and had an unblock-able release. My biggest talent is just how fast I learn things and I have a natural bullseye (that goes back further than the basketball).
creativedragonbaby · 43 weeks ago
I have this cool thing where is I walk in a straight line in dodgeball, I'll never get hit.
rydler · 43 weeks ago
I can do the same thing in Laser Tag as Creative does.