"vibrant green, yet foresty" ~ shadowlord33496, when describing me using a single colour.

— TimeBender25 Report User
I feel the speed alone would probably kill you.
I wonder if it would even work on Cas. It didn't work of soulless Sam.
There's a thing call the 'HyperWebster'. It does the same thing, really.
Let's hope not. (NSFW because politics 'n stuff)
Right now, I'm listening to an orchestral version of CORE from Undertale.
Just so you guys know, the snow button is still there. I can still click it.
And up, and down, and up, and down, and up, and down...
But really, it has improved recently. Still shit, but slightly less so.
'course, we gotta wait for post to appear above it. But shh.