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timebender25 · 43 weeks ago
The "filling ability" is the ability to always fill thing again. No matter what.
rydler · 43 weeks ago
Sonic Manipulation.
laughingbeth · 43 weeks ago
The ability to learn anything instantly like in the matrix.
dr_richard_ew · 43 weeks ago
Reality warping
punchmunchkin · 43 weeks ago
Yoo reality warping would be so rad you could warp somebody else's reality so they'd do what you want, or warp your own to make a reality where there's chocolate cake or money in front of you that would be so cool
dr_richard_ew · 43 weeks ago
I could give myself any superpower, change whatever, own whatever, get away with whatever, I could be a GOD AMONG MEN
Or just a regular guy, idk
grimreaper · 43 weeks ago
So you'd also be Franklin Richards
kouyaaotsuki · 43 weeks ago
Healing... that'll do me and others a ton of good
Or fusing like in steven universe
kouyaaotsuki · 43 weeks ago
Like healing by touch
sm19 · 43 weeks ago
The superpower of probability. So I could make the probability of me winning the lottery 100% or the probability I'll drop my phone in the toilet 0%.
grimreaper · 43 weeks ago
So you'd be Domino
tarotnathers13th · 43 weeks ago
Reincarnation. Live this life, die, turn into a cocoon, and repeat life with a different body. Eventually I'll get to FTL space travel, and watch as the world changes and me along with it.
funkmasterrex · 43 weeks ago
If I had to pick one out of seriousness... Whatever the hell Dr. Manhattan's power is defined as (it's more than just Molecule Man since he can see into the past and future).... but if I were to just dick around in the real world? Human Torch. Anytime I leave a building my inner child comes out and in my head I yell "FLAME ON!"
mrfahrenheit · 43 weeks ago
Dr Manhattan is a reality bender
betterthanyou · 43 weeks ago
Flight or teleportation.
funkmasterrex · 43 weeks ago
Dr. Manhattan is a fucking god. He's meant to be as well; most of the time humanity is a literal joke too him.
funkmasterrex · 43 weeks ago
It takes some really fucked up shit for him to even think twice... even with his awesome Mars glass thing.
spookykink57 · 43 weeks ago
Just Wanna be as Lobo.
kaiserwilhelm · 42 weeks ago
More time
kaiserwilhelm · 42 weeks ago
And the way technology is going we may get that superpower during my lifetime anyway