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cycy · 39 weeks ago
a blackhole.
ignoot · 39 weeks ago
A reanimated David Bowie. He could sing that song about Mars.
punchmunchkin · 39 weeks ago
Hurray, we’re taking a black hole to Mars. This should prove interesting
dr_richard_ew · 39 weeks ago
Myself! :D
cycy · 39 weeks ago
1) there is no time inside 2) we could end up in another place because it could be a wormhole (some scientists think that blackholes are connected to whiteholes, like a wormhole) 3) it would suck us all in so we wouldn't need food etc. anymore.. what ever gonna happen.. it would be interesting, yes.
timebender25 · 39 weeks ago
The internet.
punchmunchkin · 39 weeks ago
Yo I could fulfill my lifelong dream of floating in a never ending abyss of numb darkness where no time passes and minds fill with delusions and dreams
cycy · 39 weeks ago
just saying - > you can do that without get sucked into a blackhole. there is a state of mind called "point consciousness" or too called "void state". while you are in this state of mind, your body is asleep but you are awake. because your brain shuts down sensory perception when your body sleeps, it feels like floating into a unlimited void without any sensation.. just your mind, no body. it's really feeling nice. i experienced this a few times.. it's a interesting experience.
tarotnathers13th · 39 weeks ago
A nigh indestructible spacesuit able to put me into a state of suspended animation so I can drift the cosmos until I eventually come crashing onto a rock with sentient life. I hate long road trips. If I could just nap away the entire journey, and even If I do end up on a planet with hostile sentient life, it would feel as if only 30 minutes had passes until they open the suit up and devour me alive.
leincredibleme · 39 weeks ago
My copy of hitchhikers guide to the galaxy
spookykink57 · 39 weeks ago
kouyaaotsuki · 39 weeks ago
15 terabytes worth of hentai
timebender25 · 39 weeks ago
But you didn't bring a computer with it though. How are you gonna watch?
kouyaaotsuki · 39 weeks ago
Someone will bring a computer, and I will hijack their technology
cycy · 39 weeks ago
Or you could harvest the power of the blackhole like a dynamo in a bikecycle to charge your smartphone :)
timebender25 · 39 weeks ago
But you didn't bring a smartphone.
cycy · 39 weeks ago
well... maybe someone else have his smartphone with him & can lend it to us? :)
idkanymore · 39 weeks ago
I’ll bring my phone :) my Spotify is on there
i_be_lost · 39 weeks ago
my dogs
cakelover · 39 weeks ago
As I'm into memes and lifting, I'll bring da whey