grimreaper · 3 days ago
Most likely not.
timebender25 · 3 days ago
omar1992 · 3 days ago
It is unlikely but its Trump so expect the worst.
tj · 3 days ago
Naw, but if it does I'll probably enlist in the Air Force before the Army can draft me.
omar1992 · 3 days ago
If it does, I'll probably die lol.
dr_richard_ew · 3 days ago
If it does then I better get the bunker ready
tarotnathers13th · 3 days ago
No. If Russia wanted to do anything about it, they would've made a bigger issue out of it.
rosalinas · 3 days ago
I dunno man
I live in a tiny 3rd world country so there's probably not much going on for me
And even if there is, my father got everything figured out to keep us safe
zinope · 2 days ago
Yes. I expect something to happen, but we could have a pseudo-Cuban missile crisis here instead
jakeyboyzappa · 2 days ago
Bitch ???
texasranger · 2 days ago
Likely not think of the cost benefit. The costs for ww3 waaaaayyy outweigh and gains the victor might achieve. What may happen is an unwanted escalation but everyone knows ww3 is undesirable so any confrontation wont be global or nuclear
grimreaper · 2 days ago
We'd probably end up with a second Cold War rather than a third World War.
texasranger · 2 days ago
We allready are I'd say.