by fell_equinox · 7 comments 3 days ago
fell_equinox · 4 days ago
@timebender25 @mialinay @famousone
I've been back, what, 4 days and I've already got my star back hahaha
famousone · 4 days ago
Is good
fell_equinox · 4 days ago
I felt naked without it
famousone · 4 days ago
Hard to recognize you without it
serosenpai · 4 days ago
That's good
timebender25 · 4 days ago
It's good that you got it back.
mialinay · 3 days ago
Congrats :D
fell_equinox · 3 days ago
It makes me feel like I'm officially back though I'm not going to be a 24/7 anymore