37, Male, California USA
Currently employed as ER Tech.
Proud father of 2, with a long-distance Boo.

— MatthewG Report User
Lookin' for a good title but I've been...
And here we see drumpf's highly trained, gun-adept professional in their natural habitat.
I love how this needed to be invented by a "board certified urologist".
Just in case you feel like your day has been going too well up to this point.
Me as of a couple years ago.
That's crazy enough that it just might work!
...and here we see the beginnings of Shinji's downward spiral into madness.
I love Sledgehammer Guy's face.
Did you know that John Oliveoil is running for office?
T-Rexes always remind me of p*rn, now. Thanks, Internet.