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Currently employed as ER Tech.
Proud father of 2, with a long-distance Boo.

— MatthewG Report User
Buscemi to play Cyclops in upcoming X-Men film.
Meh, I'm used to a massive amount of eggs dropping whenever I walk into the room. ;)
When you're drunk and vulnerable, but he silently decides he likes the cut of your jib.
I also need a sm0l bottle of wine to find myself beautiful in the mirror.
Good Lord, was this game a debacle.
"Ah, I see my reputation precedes me." ;)
I have a feeling Tombo is into that...
I bet he wishes he was one of the guys sent to find the Moon Monolith.
I sure hope Jap0rnimation isn't against the TOS... ;)
Not safe for work