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So sad 7 comments
serosenpai · 21 hours ago
Status update.
Shelter said fuck that and catto is alright with a better family.
So sad 7 comments
timebender25 · 21 hours ago
How dare.

This family has committed crimes against the universe. Justice is in order.
I'm guessing he did more than just arrest her 6 comments
coffeewhore · 14 hours ago
Am I wrong to think that this is kind of sweet? This woman is mature af, good for her, we need more people like that honestly lol
Fukkers 6 comments
freudiandip · 18 hours ago
When I was in high-school I stayed the fuck out of the popular girls' way. They weren't just mean or backstabbing, no, those girl were downright EVIL. I saw one of them crack the screen of another girl's phone because it was a newer model than theirs, and another time when we had lab they set fire to my friend's homework because he wouldn't help them. Fucking terrifying.
I’ve seen how mean reddit is. Let’s see how mean FS can be. Roast my bff! 15 comments
dethklok · 20 hours ago
Yeah. The roast me bullshit can just remain where it is and far away from FS. No room for attention whores here
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Fukkers 6 comments
famousone · 19 hours ago
Obama was a good president 2 comments
guest · 18 hours ago
Now kiss me darling
Nice bed 1 comments
spacepotato · 13 hours ago
"accidentally" typed 9 not 19 for the room that was $100 cheaper XD
An alpha boy 4 comments
raven · 17 hours ago
Everyday he grows stronger and you grow weaker
Denmark sounds awesome 16 comments
spookykink57 · 4 hours ago
Yeah and it apparently has a really high cost of living.
So sad 7 comments
guest · 22 hours ago
I cry
Fukkers 6 comments
grimreaper · 18 hours ago
The popular girls at my school are always really nice to everyone, whether they're coming or going.
I hope their safe now 6 comments
guest · 18 hours ago
Shit they're on to us
My Anaconda Don't 1 comments
affluent_rhino · 17 hours ago
poor asians with their phonetically english names
This Isn't Even My Final Form 9 comments
honeybumblebee · 11 hours ago
That's a rollercoaster of a transformation, that poor dog
*seen* 16 comments
grimreaper · 14 hours ago
I’ve seen how mean reddit is. Let’s see how mean FS can be. Roast my bff! 15 comments
guest · 20 hours ago
no thanks, not worth the minuscule effort it would take
The Rock now has a Pebble 8 comments
ajhedges · 7 hours ago
To get a pebble from a rock you just take a chip out of it
DMV 8 comments
serosenpai · 9 hours ago
You couldn't fight the urge, could you?
Stupid Youtuber 9 comments
lentil · 9 hours ago
Why though?
You don't do this stuff "for the meme"