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diyrogue · 13 hours ago
Someone has to start it
Just because everyone doesn't do it en masse at once doesn't mean it won't help
Time to end the world 5 comments
famousone · 16 hours ago
The mistake is cultural, not technological.
Not all heroes wear capes. That a 15yo held his ground and did his best to help 7 comments
thecoolchristian · 14 hours ago
Disgusting that he was put in that position. Children shouldn't have to go through this. He's a hero and he doesn't deserve to die. None of these children do. We are in 2018 but kids are still killed in schools regularly. This has to be stopped.
This painting is beautiful 5 comments
calvinoot · 16 hours ago
Harry Potter unknown facts 8 comments
mrscollector · 16 hours ago
Actually this is pretty well known and if you look at other actors who were in the movies that played any adult role you will find that a lot were threatened to take the roles in the same way.
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nature? you're weird. and cool. but scary. 6 comments
ajhedges · 16 hours ago
If I’m swimming and this fucker touches me what am I going to do? I can’t see the lil bitch
Make everyone eat tide pods then 10 comments
alekazam · 11 hours ago
While I actually agree with this, I’m getting a bit tired of these posts. I come to this site for goofy memes and such to make myself laugh. I don’t browse this site for political and ethical debates...
Tron Swanson the original 5 comments
guest · 17 hours ago
“Accidentally photoshopped this myself and then pretended to search for it in a pathetic attempt to attract a human connection.
The guy should have gotten life 11 comments
celticrose · 16 hours ago
So not only did he have child porn, he had pretended to be a 14 year old online in order to expose himself to a 14 year old girl. He had already been convicted of arson. Yet still he only got 3 years. What the absolute FUCK judge?
Just that you know that 14 comments
sunflowers · 16 hours ago
I thought everyone handled alcohol differently?
Ghosts 3 comments
la · 15 hours ago
Yeah? The ghosts use duolingo?
Harry Potter unknown facts 8 comments
guest · 18 hours ago
She fulfilled that threat shortly before the release of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.
Just that you know that 14 comments
cryoenthusiast · 16 hours ago
This completely depends on your body size and metabolism. This would serve as an approximate.
Not all heroes wear capes. That a 15yo held his ground and did his best to help 7 comments
parisqeen · 15 hours ago
Rest in Peace Peter you're a good boy
When men cried 16 comments
betterthanyou · 14 hours ago
Stephen King is cruel.
Not all heroes wear capes. That a 15yo held his ground and did his best to help 7 comments
silvermyth · 13 hours ago
They’re saying he should be buried with military honors
Topographical inspired wooden sink 3 comments
timebender25 · 2 hours ago
All those right angles, it must be the biggest pain in the ass to properly clean.
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Best quote I have heard in a long time. And its more relevant than ever 8 comments
guest_ · 13 hours ago
This is very true. Sadly it relies on intelligence, which isn't always found. One might have offended the church by suggesting the earth was older than doctrine thought, or theorizing evolution. One might have offended "polite society" by insisting blacks were intelligent people. Doctors were once offended at the suggestion they wash their hands before surgery as "a gentlemans hands are always clean" of one might offend by proclaiming their love for someoneof the same sex. Sometimes people tell us what needs said and not what is popular to say. This is where the freedom to offend is necessary. It isn't so vietuos when used as an excuse to be an asshole. But protecting one means living with the other; and the worlds always had more assholes than profound thinkers.
To women...Here is your nice compliment 5 comments
guest · 12 hours ago
I mean... if she says that that means it could be more enjoyable for her to have sex with you. Odd compliment though.
Make everyone eat tide pods then 10 comments
serosenpai · 11 hours ago
Please fucking stop with these posts.
Their annoyance is only eclipsed by their futility.