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Anon was raped 6 comments
goodwifi · 17 hours ago
Pedophilia is the worst-of-philias
Anon was raped 6 comments
peachypersimmon · 17 hours ago
That's fucking disgusting
Perpetual electricity 5 comments
derpderp · 19 hours ago
You'd lose energy very slowly through the heat lost in the transfer so :/
Perpetual electricity 5 comments
smitty · 19 hours ago
Congratulations, you've made a grenade.
Waking up from a bomb nap 8 comments
chilledtothebone · 15 hours ago
Why should it be NSFW? It's only a post about when you wake up from a bomb nap and realize you left the stove on.
Nice try Kim 3 comments
sincere_milkshake · 20 hours ago
Why tho?
Even if she didn't have a sex tape, it's still a stupid idea
You're not ugly, just poor with bad camera phone and selfie skills 2 comments
teresammm · 7 hours ago
It's impressive to see how honest and open she is about herself, and sweet that she calls someone else flawless.
If only someone would have said this to her.
Mental health isn't a fashion trend 9 comments
third · 17 hours ago
Wonderfully put.
A moment of silence 12 comments
parisqeen · 12 hours ago
The actual fuck. He dodged a big bullet by breaking up but he payed a big price, that poor man.
Dream car 4 comments
klymaxx · 17 hours ago
It is a smooth write
Women logic 5 comments
sincere_milkshake · 3 hours ago
I can't stand stupid posts like this. I always assume it's been posted by a "nice guy" who can't get a girl, so they come on the internet to moan about it
Please! It's very important! 6 comments
silvermyth · 14 hours ago
This is clearly a hypothetical situation. Your condescending face is not needed here.
A moment of silence 12 comments
diyrogue · 12 hours ago
She'd go into debt with how much I'd sue. Video games are expensive now, that's easily over a few hundred.
Would you rather 9 comments
folk_the_lore · 14 hours ago
Second one
I could sell gas for the rest of my life cheaply
Cos I never run out so yeah,
Money baby
Best and worst FOOD 10 comments
frostbite · 18 hours ago
I'm here for a good time not a long time
Secret good guy 4 comments
diyrogue · 9 hours ago
Maybe but this is FUNsubstance. A completely different site.
Speed of light 2 comments
cakelover · 13 hours ago
American news channels. How we love them
They meant to say the speed of sound, for those who are wondering
*Laughs in Norwegian* 8 comments
guest · 19 hours ago
That's a low security prison in Norway. They aren't all like that. Most prisoners spend time a regular prison before being moved to something like that.
You would not believe your eyes 10 comments
timebender25 · 14 hours ago
Because why else would fireflies be giving you hugs?
When your friend reminds you that you're on a diet 6 comments
cakelover · 13 hours ago
Aw the sadness in her eyes! It makes my knees hurt