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Finally, someone's telling the truth 8 comments
rosalinas · 19 hours ago
How about unhealthy people just try their best to be healthy for THEMSELVES and others support them
Or you know, live your life, die at whatsoever age, who cares. If you choose to ''love yourself'' that way, you have it coming
Two Handed 100 8 comments
famousone · 15 hours ago
Smart man, but a condom would be smarter.
Men will be men 19 comments
sincere_milkshake · 5 hours ago
I have an immense hatred to people like this
An incredibly unique gravestone 6 comments
mrscollector · 16 hours ago
This is a statue of Alice through the looking glass. This is of Alice when she is steping through the mirror.
This sculpture is located in Guildford's Castle Grounds in a walled garden behind the bowling green, near the house that Lewis Carroll used to rent. It was created by sculptor Jeanne Argent.
It is not a gravestone.
"What have I done?" 5 comments
parisqeen · 14 hours ago
He even shocked himself
Two Handed 100 8 comments
famousone · 14 hours ago
The tweet is incriminating enough.
Painted hands 4 comments
avocadonut · 16 hours ago
The left one is her real hand that has been painted on but the right one is just a hand painted on her face
Men will be men 19 comments
diyrogue · 5 hours ago
I met a guy who was new to my school and gave him directions. We parted ways. A few hours later he asks me out and when I say no be flips the fuck out telling me I was too nice to him to not be interested and proceeded to call me a bitch every time he saw me for the next couple of years. Then he asked me out again and events repeated themselves.
"What have I done?" 5 comments
mrscollector · 13 hours ago
Lol I love how he is still holding the door handle as if he is saying hay I atleast didnt break the handle
Santa is not a nice guy 8 comments
moth · 10 hours ago
well, some do say he expects payment in the form of food or other goodies
Mission completed 7 comments
mickymouse · 16 hours ago
That's... actually pretty cool, I didn't know he did this
An incredibly unique gravestone 6 comments
mickymouse · 16 hours ago
It's a pretty incredible statue
Christmas song 2 comments
blushing_lurker · 15 hours ago
In this current yuletide festivities, to spare me from secreting drops of clear salty liquid
I'll give it to someone who will appreciate and cherish it
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Damn furries 4 comments
klymaxx · 9 hours ago
A cats mouth is cleaner than a dogs
*3 min later* I realize now that may sound like I'm saying go make out with a cat...I'm not...just thought it was a neat fact
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Men will be men 19 comments
lane6 · 3 hours ago
Any guy who acts like that is most certainly not a man; he is a desperate boy with a fragile ego.
Commitment 1 comments
guest_ · 13 hours ago
Technically a football team always replies "k." Most fans will never have a meaningful interaction with a team, and realistically most franchises give little to no concern to their fans beyond how to get more money from them. No matter how much a team "loves their fans" they have mostly all shown they will move if a better opportunity comes up. At best one could argue a football team is that partner that "really loves you but needs to focus on their career" so moves 3,000 mikes for a better job or to chase a dream after dating 3 years. Realistically though a football team is a "gold digger" who's loyalty is to your money, and will give you as much excitement as they need toto keep getting it until they decide you aren't worth the effort, or find a better deal.
Need a hole patched? This gopher should do the trick 2 comments
jojofan · 10 hours ago
Reverse gifs are funny. And thats a fat gopher
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Did he do the right thing? 8 comments
jojofan · 1 hour ago
I have no quarrels with the outcome
Baby chernobyl 5 comments
trikatops · 10 hours ago
The baby section is for all babies, I always go to the store and get baby clothes for my cat. It shouldn't be a thing to be ashamed of. It's always fun watching them get used to walking in clothes. And I mean now you know where to go if you ever need clothes for your newborn.
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Did he do the right thing? 8 comments
abel_hazard · 1 hour ago
I mean it's morally ambiguous from some perspectives, but he almost certainly saved the kitten's life, sooo...