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Physical nifty red Quetzal 8 comments
altvm · 27 weeks ago
I used to wear deodorant because "everyone" wears it but I felt sticky, itchy, and smelled.
I stopped wearing it and smell cleaner.
I have the power of essential oils AND anime on my side 6 comments
altvm · 35 weeks ago
Measles is a treatable and normal part of childhood like chickenpox.
Meanwhile many children have terrible sideeffects from the unsafe vaccination.
Measles very rarely results in death, but the vaccines on the other hand... do your research. Keep your kids safe.
This. This right here, is awesome 32 comments
altvm · 44 weeks ago
Hundreds of children each year have "polio like symptoms" such as lose of use of one side of there body. Taking childrens' quality of life is wrong! It's like mesles- the only reason to prevent it is that so few people get it that doctors are not trained on how to treat it. Its treatable.
When Satan runs a toy company 12 comments
altvm · 44 weeks ago
"Hey please don't get my kids anything that makes noise"
Okay no problem!
[(Kids screaming all over house but toy doesn't make sounds)]
When Satan runs a toy company 12 comments
altvm · 44 weeks ago
15 dollars
Halloween my friends 3 comments
altvm · 44 weeks ago
There is only one reported case of a child being drugged by Halloween candy. And it was the child's father who had decided to murder his child to get the insurance money.
That's it.
No one would waste their drugs on children. It's drugs.
Dad's care 17 comments
altvm · 45 weeks ago
When depression is in your life it makes you feel like hurting. Exercise is a way to feel that hurt and relieve depression symptoms. The issue is getting started when you don't feel like it.
I am afraid 9 comments
altvm · 45 weeks ago
Yes. It's like they say, when you get to the top the only place to go is down.
Some people are gonna have a harder time with this than others 9 comments
altvm · 45 weeks ago
Yeah if you are better at one thing you will suck at another but here's the kicker: sick at the BAD stuff and practice the good stuff.
Bam and wam 9 comments
altvm · 45 weeks ago
Study up before you judge these people. In this case it was an accidental crossing but with game hunters there is a reason why they hunt these animals. In order to hunt one of these large animals the animal is on a "most wanted" list. It means the animal has not only harmed villages of people, but has murdered numerous of it's own kind. It is endangering others. So for instance, a rino who is part of an endangered species tears through a village damaging shops and killing/injuring humans and also has kills a number of it's own species (meaning their own numbers are going down and one of their own is killing them leading to them not being able to have babies) the people can put this one rhino up as trophy so it will die instead of a number of rhinos.
Its kill one to save many.
It isn't right, but it's a strategy.
I don't like it, but it has a reason.
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It 's juts McDonald's 4 comments
altvm · 47 weeks ago
Shake at McDonald's? But every ice cream machine is down.
rain > TV ? :D 2 comments
altvm · 51 weeks ago
That dog looks like my dog! I want more pics
Sweatpants for life 23 comments
altvm · 1 year ago
I've had jobs where I had to wear uncomfortable pants every day and we could only wear jeans on special occasions. It got to the point where if we paid $25 to 2 charity groups we could wear Jeans twice a week. We had to pay to wear normal clothes, it made no sense. We dressed nicer in Jean's because we could wear nice tops with them.
Vege is healthy 5 comments
altvm · 1 year ago
Iceberg is healthy the same way cherrios are good for cholesterol.
Doesn't make sense 2 comments
altvm · 1 year ago
I've never understood this!
#momlife 5 comments
altvm · 1 year ago
Having baby means you never wake up well. Most of the time you wake up to screaming and when you don't wake up to screaming you are panicked because your first thought is "oh my gosh is it breathing???" Its terrible. And tiring
The passage of time shown through sunset 2 comments
altvm · 1 year ago
Where is this? Beauiful
The Hollywood sign in 1923 1 comments
altvm · 1 year ago
You mean Hollywoo?
Wait.. Nevermind! 13 comments
altvm · 1 year ago
My economics teacher told us to never use a credit card to buy groceries because when the bill shows up what you bought is gone.
How many rolls?? 2 comments
altvm · 1 year ago
The 1000 sheet per roll is the best value. Most rolls have 2 ply 200 sheets per roll. Scott and Scott off brand have 1000.
Population control 13 comments
altvm · 1 year ago
Where I live the closest store has the lady products, lube, condoms, pregnancy tests, baby meds, diapers, formula all on the same aisle.
Wiener bun of shame 9 comments
altvm · 1 year ago
I love that your dog puts clothes on to go potty. Like, he is probably so confused that you undo clothes to potty and he has to put clothes on.
Buddies 16 comments
altvm · 1 year ago
This place is in Locust Grove Ga and you should check it out.
La Croix is so nasty 2 comments
altvm · 1 year ago
You've never had it with tequila! Yum!!! (I do half can tangerine la croix, shot of tequila, less than a shot of vermouth, and a wedge of lime)
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