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Leopard seal killing a penguin


Posted 22 hours ago by loveisfries
I needed this. Because I'm not bilingual and didn't know.
The hero we need
Daily Dose of Love #53- I wish someone would sing me a love song
Which games do you recommend?
When they were young
Artificial wombs
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Skinny, white mermaids are unrealistic
It's The Little Things That Make Life Big
Your country's past
My dog actually exists, so I've got that going for me
Don't know if that's the right kind of protection
Would you miss class if you have these teachers?!
*whistles* Bill Nye couldnt solve this equation
If you are given a chance to have ultimate/Overpowered abilities, what will you choose?
Just an uncommon idea
Asking the real questions
*cough* I'm single and sometimes cute