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MFW I check back in on FunSubstance after being gone for a year
My kid is Rorejo???
Beautiful lady has been taking selfies with all the men who catcall her
Got a problem? Have you tried more gun?
Take that yanks!

Take that yanks!

Posted 17 hours ago by wet4234
Cultural appropriation
Japanese men selected their top 10 actresses with ideal body shape
Don't worry, it's not their house
Let's go!

Let's go!

Posted 1 day ago by likewe
You're always someone's star, even if you don't know it
That's a different kind of arrow
Please god (or whoever you believe is up there controlling life)
Misunderstood spider is misunderstood
Me in a nutshell
On first base, Sleve McDichael!
Just stick to the proven
A Japanese Coke Machine in the Snow
A nice ramble

A nice ramble

Posted 1 day ago by guest
Just some few useful tips