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Come on people 55 comments
anjelica237 · 3 days ago
Yes they should
People who are criticizing Greta Thunberg in a nuttshell: « She's just a 19 comments
anjelica237 · 4 days ago
I agree we need change , but the placing blame on the individual and wishing for their death is not the way to go about it.Global warming is largely caused by big business, what can a homeless person or someone living paycheck to paycheck really do to stop that. She has no right to wish death on anyone it makes her comes off as ill informed and childish.
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F**k You Greta 18 comments
anjelica237 · 5 days ago
Thank you garlog , some one finally said it.
Make Romania great again! Oh, wait 16 comments
anjelica237 · 6 days ago
I hate that kid
Name it ! 10 comments
anjelica237 · 1 week ago
I love the Greta Thunberg Memes 14 comments
anjelica237 · 1 week ago
I hate that kid
Hello, gaijin-san! 13 comments
anjelica237 · 1 week ago
We like what we like. Live and let live.
Hell yeah! 8 comments
anjelica237 · 3 weeks ago
My mom a house
I hope these robots will be called EnvIronMen! 5 comments
anjelica237 · 4 weeks ago
A twist in the plot! 7 comments
anjelica237 · 5 weeks ago
He should ha e made 13 copies and a tape telling the location of each one , and who ever found them all had to turn them in or another set would be revealed to the public.
Things like these do happen 1 comments
anjelica237 · 5 weeks ago
I wonder if that's why it mysteriously caught on fire
My time travelling friend approves 3 comments
anjelica237 · 9 weeks ago
* opening chords to " I want to Break free " begin to plays in the background *
Come on nig 8 comments
anjelica237 · 12 weeks ago
The original he man design was tan and Arabic looking.
Who is going to be ? 43 comments
anjelica237 · 14 weeks ago
Luke Cage
Still thank god 4 comments
anjelica237 · 14 weeks ago
The real question is how many people would open their door to find Harry Potter on the Stoop.
This is a dumb game... - Darth an*s, probably 6 comments
anjelica237 · 15 weeks ago
Darth Acilejna
Well,that was unexpected 13 comments
anjelica237 · 19 weeks ago
As a Louisiana native , I can say the above statement is completely true. We have an annual pony play festival in the middle of the woods. Its crazy here.
My mom did this 6 comments
anjelica237 · 19 weeks ago
My mom did , it actually kinda paid off in the long run
I don't think so 14 comments
anjelica237 · 22 weeks ago
As a mixed race kid , I can attest that I am accepted by neither side . I actually get a ton of grief from my darker relatives who think I have some kind of magical privilege.
Any more bands? 9 comments
anjelica237 · 23 weeks ago
MCR , Staind , coheed and Cambria , Metallica.
For some reason when I turned 12 I became obsessed with rock / metal
Kite's nen ability was so cool too 5 comments
anjelica237 · 24 weeks ago
Kite from Hunter x Hunter
SHAZAM 43 comments
anjelica237 · 25 weeks ago
This is why I hate Brie Larson , she sets a terrible example for girls and making her Captain Marvel won't change that.
Latissimus dorsi 4 comments
anjelica237 · 25 weeks ago
Yesterday , I was so stressed to get to class on time I ran out of the house with out checking what I was wearing. I finally got to class to realize my pants were on inside out , I spent the next 30 minutes irrationally crying in my car
“I’m gonna riiiiiddeee til I can’t no more” 3 comments
anjelica237 · 26 weeks ago
Me too , I honestly thought it was about beastiality.
Same 6 comments
anjelica237 · 26 weeks ago
So am i