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I can't believe you've done this 5 comments
annie_body · 1 year ago
It's a good thing they don't wear it as bikini bottoms i right? huh? i'll let myself out now
And that's just the problem with cats 7 comments
annie_body · 1 year ago
i would keep it the way it is. it actually looks good. and different.
Clever charity box 5 comments
annie_body · 1 year ago
was wondering the same
Jody the bad boy 23 comments
annie_body · 1 year ago
if Jody is what they call jerks who go after military wives, what do they call the military wives who open their legs for a Jody? just asking
Reality check! 11 comments
annie_body · 2 years ago
This is very true. in my case three out of three i should say. they all happened one after the other and soon after our marriage. i learned him well enough and not in the good way. Needless to say we got divorced.