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RIP, Sidney Poitier. 3 comments
boymom33 · 29 weeks ago
Imagine that... working for what you want instead of demanding it... RIP Bob
Makes you think 3 comments
boymom33 · 36 weeks ago
Our ancestors are freaking tf out at us for allowing our country slowly become Venezuela. Our fat asses are secondary.
Hidden for politics 77 comments
boymom33 · 37 weeks ago
Yeah, they DID get trials (for raping kids & strangling women) & were CONVICTED. They then tried to murder a 17yo kid who had the training & fortitude to shoot only those who attacked him & send a message to these asshats from the past 18+ months that WE LIVE IN AMERICA. America, where we have the RIGHT to "life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness" & to fkng defend ourselves WITH OUR GUN.
(from speaker) Mop clean-up aisle 6, someone's been wholesome again <3 3 comments
boymom33 · 39 weeks ago
There are more people like this than the asshats... the heartwarming stories just don't make for a rage bate story