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But in the end none of that matters ... 34 comments
carltoncl · 6 years ago
Dam..... Seriously dam. Good drawing. And well done, now my co workers are going to wonder why a grown man is crying.
Not okay man 10 comments
carltoncl · 7 years ago
Err says Toronto 2015...... I understand the games were in Rio.... In 2016..... Still not cool though
Living up to the stereotype 8 comments
carltoncl · 10 years ago
And proud of it!
A lovely story from the D Day landings. A Canadian injured whilst coming up the beech was taking cover behind the sea wall. Canon fire, Machine guns, basically blood and s@&t going down and 2 Squaddies carrying a tea urn turn up with the call. " Here, Canada! you wanna brew." .....Normality & faith restored.