I visited this site for a awhile and eventually realized that users knew each other. So I made an account in an attempt to become part of the community! Hi :)

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Why you always lion 3 comments
changetheworld · 3 weeks ago
Kevin Richardson is not an idiot, he is The Lion Whisperer! I want to be him when I grow up. (Side note: I wholeheartedly believe I can bond with wild animals, but my husband keeps insisting I am going to get mauled by a lion or bear.)
The choice is yours 7 comments
changetheworld · 4 weeks ago
Um you should definitely be changing your toothbrush more than once every few years. Also, if it looks like that or not depends on the type of toothbrush you have and how aggressively you brush your teeth.
Oh 4 comments
changetheworld · 5 weeks ago
Wouldn't he be left-wing since he was attacking the right-wing?
Do it 4 comments
changetheworld · 5 weeks ago
One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish, and then the dragons arrived.
Big sad 9 comments
changetheworld · 7 weeks ago
Check yo' self! 6 comments
changetheworld · 8 weeks ago
I want to say combustible, but I'm not sure why.
Cool 16 comments
changetheworld · 10 weeks ago
I also have this all over my area. They look pretty much the same as these pictures and sell local produce, honey, fresh cut flowers, etc. I bet they are common in most rural/farming areas around the US.
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Worst state 6 comments
changetheworld · 11 weeks ago
Plus if we give up Ohio, we give up most of our astronauts.
Both are nice though 21 comments
changetheworld · 12 weeks ago
Possibly because of it's much smaller size compared to the USA? A lot of Europe (Eastern Europe anyway) could fit inside some of our larger states. Also, when I went to Europe, I visited 11 cities in 4 countries. So instead of saying I want to cities 1-11, I say "When I went to Europe...".
I’ve been to almost all of them 13 comments
changetheworld · 12 weeks ago
9 :)
The cheese has him now 4 comments
changetheworld · 13 weeks ago
Or does he have the cheese?
John DeMol Jr creates Big Brother, 1999 5 comments
changetheworld · 13 weeks ago
And makes me laugh every time.
Do not cross this cat 2 comments
changetheworld · 17 weeks ago
If Ron Swanson was a cat.
Man with a plan 3 comments
changetheworld · 18 weeks ago
Aww "Kiss Mum" has 2 check marks.
Well actually .. 3 comments
changetheworld · 19 weeks ago
Does he have a ponytail or something? What is on his shoulder?
Earl grey 2 comments
changetheworld · 20 weeks ago
Potatoes! 7 comments
changetheworld · 20 weeks ago
Twice baked potatoes
Truth 2 comments
changetheworld · 22 weeks ago
Oh my goodness. I can't unsee it now.
Wait what? 5 comments
changetheworld · 22 weeks ago
Um did you not watch any of the Captain America movies? Especially Civil War? Cause he definitely was against the military and billionaires taking too much power and doing sketchy things.
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The only good part of this movie (->comments) 4 comments
changetheworld · 23 weeks ago
This scene made me laugh so hard
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Just bee yourself 2 comments
changetheworld · 26 weeks ago
I actually think that would work if you are catching a swarm (if it's not a swarm and it's an established hive, this is a bad idea). You'd probably have to hold the queen for a few minutes for all of the bees to follow her onto your arm, but then you could walk with them all.
Nobody!? 1 comments
changetheworld · 29 weeks ago
journalism 11 comments
changetheworld · 31 weeks ago
And they both have a lucrative spice trade,
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Absolut Legend 4 comments
changetheworld · 35 weeks ago
I’ll wait 10 comments
changetheworld · 37 weeks ago
The comment wasn't directed at you cakelover, just expounding upon it.