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Wasted 6 comments
chaoticzed · 12 weeks ago
or just wash the brush and then apply toothpaste
Who gets it ? 5 comments
chaoticzed · 18 weeks ago
peter peter, pumpkin eater?
God damn POS kids 2 comments
chaoticzed · 24 weeks ago
When i was a kid, I'd just refill the bottle with dish soap and water and it would work fine lol
I'm new to posting 7 comments
chaoticzed · 27 weeks ago
same, they're great
Who the hell celebrates 100 days 12 comments
chaoticzed · 30 weeks ago
With a beard 2 comments
chaoticzed · 30 weeks ago
I love B99 so much but the 2nd half of S6 somehow feels different. idk if it's just me
God damn oak 6 comments
chaoticzed · 37 weeks ago
a borl
Important message 14 comments
chaoticzed · 42 weeks ago
when you click it pay attention to search results, they reduce by half. And if you click it again, it brings everything back and the search results go back to the original number
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Growing up, what did you guys call these? 26 comments
chaoticzed · 1 year ago
Tip tops
...And thats how I met your mother 4 comments
chaoticzed · 1 year ago
They aren't, she's (more like her husband on her wedding day) has applied sindoor, a red powder that signifies that she is a married woman, kind of like a wedding ring
Tactical doggo with helmet cam 3 comments
chaoticzed · 1 year ago
the goodest boy