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metalman · 1 year ago
I'm only here to comment but that's only happening less and less. I'll probably just fade out eventually.
mikriarktos · 1 year ago
spookykink57 · 1 year ago
That's what they all say Yuki
mikriarktos · 1 year ago
No, that doesn't work with me. I'll always be the ghost on fs
parisqeen · 1 year ago
Yeah like rydler I'd just fade but I'd probably never leave, I'll always have an account but maybe not go here for awhile
rydler · 1 year ago
I’d b in and out much less frequently. Probably y’all less. I already post things veeeeery rarely
serosenpai · 1 year ago
I'd post porn and it'd be the second dinosaur thing
caqrl · 1 year ago
Nothing. I’ve been on this site for over five years with different accounts. Each time I just vanish without even a post. We can call this a community but no one cares if you leave.
adorkable · 1 year ago
We do care if people leave tho
caqrl · 1 year ago
Don’t lie to me y’all don’t even notice half the people who leave unless they make a big show of it
adorkable · 1 year ago
Rwby and WiFi didn’t make a big deal out of it, but we all realised
caqrl · 1 year ago
I consider posting anything making a big deal about it
mikriarktos · 1 year ago
They didn't post anything. A lot haven't posted anything. It's not because you don't care than everyone won't either
rosalinas · 1 year ago
Honestly people won't notice much unless you're pretty standing out?
Like you post and comment frequently or mess around
Make a big deal out of your leaving
Some users pay special attention to you do they notice when you're gone
caqrl · 1 year ago
I know they didn’t post anything, I was just clarifying what I thought of as making a big deal about leaving. And yeah if you have friends on this site they’ll notice but most people don’t care.
mrfahrenheit · 1 year ago
To be honest I'll probably make something super egocentric
mikriarktos · 1 year ago
For a change ʕง•ᴥ•ʔง
caqrl · 1 year ago
If I do leave, this time I’ll post a perfectly ripe dick pick
timebender25 · 1 year ago
I don't plan to make a complete spectical of my departure.
That's closure.

When I leave, I'm gonna leave an incomplete legacy. Half a story. A tale half told.
That way, it'll be harder to move on and forget me.
I'm going to MAKE you miss me.
rydler · 1 year ago
America, you unfinished symphony.