funkmasterrex · 49 weeks ago
Clemson VS Oklahoma. If both win out, It'll happen. I called it after the Oklahoma-Ohio State game.
*knock on wood*
betterthanyou · 49 weeks ago
If only Washington hadn't sleep walked their way through the Arizona State game. They'd have been right in the thick of it.
funkmasterrex · 49 weeks ago
I would rather have Washington instead of Ohio St or Wisconsin.
sir_spiderman · 49 weeks ago
Yes, sports. Huzzah. The Lakers are my favorite.
mrfahrenheit · 49 weeks ago
I like the All Blacks because rugby and patriotism and shit
funkmasterrex · 49 weeks ago
USC and FCU had a better arguement than Bama or OSU. That was BS.
@sir_spiderman Hate the world all you want, sports are dope.
sir_spiderman · 48 weeks ago
Yes. My favorite player is LeBron, the swinger for the LA Lakers.
funkmasterrex · 48 weeks ago
Dude.... ok, you don't like sports, that's fine, seriously no reason to comment and be a dick for absolutely no reason.
sir_spiderman · 48 weeks ago
No, man, really. Did you see that touchdown Kobe made at the NBA last week? It was sick!