Am I a teacher's pet?
by sir_spiderman · 17 comments 48 weeks ago
sir_spiderman · 49 weeks ago
I was in third period and walking back to class and my fourth period teacher, let's call him Corey, said hey. I grunted a "hmmm" like usual and then he said something (I don't remember what) and I walked to the class door. We talked for a few minutes before it somehow got transferred to world domination and how I would attempt it. He started comparing me to Brain from Pinky and the Brain. We watched a bit of one of the episodes and then he just started giving me recommendations for books or movies that relate to how I said I planned to take over the planet. (The book was Heart of Darkness and the movie was Apocalypse Now). Then we realized that there was like three minutes left of class and we had spent 20 minutes talking. He was just gathering posters from around the class and I had a free period, but still.

sir_spiderman · 49 weeks ago
I left the class, grabbed my stuff, and by time I had done that class was over and I had to explain to my teacher that my other teacher was talking to me and I didn't skip over a third of the class. Corey tends to just go into a... mode talking about philosophy in the beginning or end of class to me. He tends to be the one I bounce philosophy ideas off of. It works because I like thinking of philosophy ideas myself while he reads about it all and I've yet to think of a philosophy topic that he can't explain with mentions and quotes from various thinkers of different times. It's fucking insanely lovely.
mikriarktos · 49 weeks ago
You're just getting along with your teacher, that's it, dude...
sir_spiderman · 49 weeks ago
Oh Yuki! Whatever happened to being homeless? You said something about it happening in two months like four months ago. My dates might be a bit off, but still.
mikriarktos · 49 weeks ago
It was longer than that. I managed to find something tho, so it's noice
sir_spiderman · 49 weeks ago
rydler · 49 weeks ago
I would agree with Yuki. I have a couple teachers with whom I can actually talk to.
sir_spiderman · 49 weeks ago
It's just something odd. I've never seen anyone else do such thing and he will actually forbid me to answer questions in the class because I answer so many of them and the rest of the class deserves the thirty seconds of him begging them to answer before letting me.
adorkable · 49 weeks ago
It just means you know what you’re talking about and he knows that
sir_spiderman · 49 weeks ago
I'm bored. Gonna go try to nag someone into doing something interesting.
mrfahrenheit · 49 weeks ago
Yeah, I have banter with my teachers on occasion. My Economics teacher, Science teacher, Electronics teacher, and Geography teacher. Even teachers whose class I'm not a part of.
rydler · 49 weeks ago
I make jokes with my Bible teacher, he’s really cool. And my Chorus teacher.
sm19 · 49 weeks ago
Bro, I'm in University and a proff I had two years ago and I still chat and we get coffee. They're just humans, yeah know?
rydler · 49 weeks ago
Yeah. It’s easier to learn for me when I know the person and like them. Otherwise, just another background character in a story.
parisqeen · 49 weeks ago
Yeah pretty much what everyone else said, you just get along with him he's just a another guy. During my highschool years I had banter with all my teachers (mostly science ones) and we would chat normally and you just become friends with them, they're people. Don't worry about your image so much if you enjoy his company then keep talking to him
serosenpai · 49 weeks ago
I'm cool with a lot of mine.
spookykink57 · 48 weeks ago
My History and Communication Skills proff are cool af. They are amazing.