Losing my voice, remedies?
by rydler · 7 comments 48 weeks ago
dr_richard_ew · 48 weeks ago
Where did you see it last?
unicycle · 48 weeks ago
Tea or hot water with lemon and honey. Wear a scarf or something to keep your throat warm. Gargling with warm salt water can also help heal and disinfect your throat. This one should be obvious but don't talk unless you have to! :)
rydler · 48 weeks ago
Good news: I'm not losing my voice
Bad news: 103 fever. Sore throat. Stuffy nose. The fin stuff.
klymaxx · 48 weeks ago
My son and I are just getting over that cold. My son had a 104 fever..had to take the little dude to the hospital :(
Cold compresses/shower. Hot water with lemon & honey but don't drink it all day because the acidity of the lemon is bad for your throat. I drank 1 cup every few hours and just drank plain hot water the rest of the time. Steam your face to relieve nasal congestion. If you have any eucalyptus or minty essential oils add a few drops to the water while you steam. Gargle with warm salt water or peroxide...mix even parts water and peroxide. And if you can SLEEP
wimsyexpergefactor · 48 weeks ago
Apple cider vinegar. It is nasty but it bumps fever. Plus peppermint tea or lemon honey tea. Peppermint helps with fever, lemon and honey helps with sore throat pain and sinuses.
wimsyexpergefactor · 48 weeks ago
Just a spoon of the vinegar or you can mix it with lemon honey water.
wimsyexpergefactor · 48 weeks ago
Hope you feel better soon! Sickness sucks!