jojofan · 48 weeks ago
Mine was in MGS5 when i took out a whole base with a sniper rifle without getting caught
thethirdi · 48 weeks ago
Modern Warfare 2, search and destroy on Highrise. My buddies and I always played S&D and on high rise I always picked my RPG class and I always went to the window to try to shoot my rocket across the map. It was wwll known everyone ran to snipe at the windows at the spawn. I always died but one day my rocket actually made it across the map and I ended the round woth a multikill lol. First and last time I ever did that.
hyperion · 48 weeks ago
I found out you can destroy M.O.A.B's on MW3 with a javelin. We may have lost the match but at least I saved my team from eradication.
Also I have a screenshot from when I went 52/15 on WW2
I also killed the first boss of DS without collecting the armor and weapons, fists only. Took me a few tries.
I also have dumb luck like I found a 4 leaf clover on animal crossing New leaf on my second day and I caught a good IV shiny ditto on pokemon Moon on my first few attempts. Also balance was a thing that happened.
tarotnathers13th · 48 weeks ago
Dirty Bomb, think a British version of TF2, and it's actually pretty good. Playing Execution game mode, where you have to plant a bomb like in Counterstrike, we head down the long A route. We engage, trying to straight push them off so they can plant. The enemy retreats aboard this train car, but they temporarily lose sight of us, and I decide to push farther. 2 medics, and 2 fire supports with their backs turned to me, and I toss a grenade that catches and downs one of their medics. I climb the train and begin hip firing like a madman, the remaining opponents to occupied with shooting at our bomb planter. One, two, three dudes four dudes I waste as I empty the magazine into them, miraculous headshots slicing into them . One of the medics who can revive themselves, just barely gets the animation for the revive off, but not in time as I slice his neck with a knife to prevent him from coming back. I am then greeted with a round won screen, with my portrait displayed proudly as MVP.
timebender25 · 48 weeks ago
Super Smash Bros. I killed the other three people one right after the other. I felt cool for .3 seconds of my life.
hyperion · 48 weeks ago
I also forgot to mention that I got banned from certain games. I was one of the few beta testers for Titanfall whenever it first came out and unlike the second day of the game being out I played a game of capture the flag where I capture the flag three times within 10 minutes and like 10 people witnessed what I had done. Anyways somebody thought that I was already cheating and I got reported
serosenpai · 48 weeks ago
Far Cry 4. Took down a Hard fort with only a bow and arrow, and a knife(with the throwable takedown).
Super Smash Flash 2. Took down Fox and Falco in a 2v1(max CPU) on Final Destination.
grimreaper · 48 weeks ago
Skyrim. Killed a Legendary Dragon as a werewolf
internet · 48 weeks ago
Dark Souls. Went through blight town, beat Queelag and Ceaseless Discharge without dying(and without using phantoms)
jojofan · 48 weeks ago
NG or NG+?
internet · 48 weeks ago
sheeby78 · 48 weeks ago
In rainbow six siege my entire team was killed and I was on offense. I was able to ace the entire enemie team.
klymaxx · 48 weeks ago
That one time I actually finished Rainbow Road on Mario Kart...that's quite a feat for me
sm19 · 48 weeks ago
Call of Duty: Ghosts. Was playing gun game and the final kill had to be with a throwing knife. Ended up just throwing it across the map AND IT HIT SOMEONE AND I WON.