Should I try acid?
by dash224 · 48 comments 39 weeks ago
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signofcrashtest · 39 weeks ago
Sure, I'd recommend starting with lemon juice
unicycle · 39 weeks ago
Honestly don't take acid at a rave. In that kind of environment with all the music, heat, and strangers, things can go bad fast. Even if you're with your friends who've taken it before, they'll most likely get too distracted to take care of you.
funkmasterrex · 39 weeks ago
A rave is seriously one of the last places I'd wanna drop acid.... loud noises, bunch of people I don't know, it's usually dark.... you have to stand up.... ugh... that's just asking for a bad trip.
dash224 · 39 weeks ago
Okay thanks for the advice! I probably won't take it at a rave then.
whateverforever · 39 weeks ago
Hell Yeah! Just be sure to be on a place where You feel safe and somewhere you can be alone if you would need to. I wouldn’t recommend outdoors for the first time, maybe a house or apartment where you can go outside and then return indoors if it get too much being outside
third · 39 weeks ago
Yes. I highly reccomend H2SO4
222daisy · 39 weeks ago
Don't do it
spookykink57 · 39 weeks ago
Nope. Instead get high on music.
carne_asada · 39 weeks ago
I could hook y’all up with some weed
alekazam · 39 weeks ago
@carne_asada help a brother out
carne_asada · 39 weeks ago
I got gummi bears yeaterday for hella cheap
carne_asada · 39 weeks ago
I live in Colorado where it’s legal, so I had some before writing a 10 page paper yesterday, and it relaly helped me focus
alekazam · 39 weeks ago
Oh, well that is nice. I spent six months in California specifically for the legality of things there and it was a great experience. It's baffling as to why it's not legalized nationwide
carne_asada · 39 weeks ago
If you do research on it, weed is only illegal because Richard Nixon didn’t like anti-war hippies or Mexicans so he targeted marijuana
Idk why I know all this. I’m belgian
Guess I just really like weed
alekazam · 39 weeks ago
It happened shortly after the failed prohibition of alcohol. I guess they just needed some substance to make an enemy out of.
carne_asada · 39 weeks ago
nixom publicly admitted he lied about weed being dangerous
carne_asada · 39 weeks ago
Or his aide did at least
funkmasterrex · 39 weeks ago
weed isnt technically illegal of you have the stamps. I dont want to swing this sword. I'ma go be drunk and create costumes. peace.
nossedai · 39 weeks ago
I'll ask the real question: are you on any medications that cross the blood-brain barrier? Like anti-depressants, mood stabilizers or similar? If you are, then absolutely do not try LSD, it could very well be a very bad trip.
dash224 · 39 weeks ago
No I’m not taking any medications