hydrofalcon · 39 weeks ago
Sounds painful put I could see it working. Also you would need to get like a psychopath as the white make cause your friends won’t be open to beating you that much and any other person (I would think) would just leave and be feed up with ur bull. If this is in public then someone will record put if it when you guys meet up or something then hidden camera.
betterthanyou · 39 weeks ago
Would have worked if you hadn't posted it on the internet. Lawyers would be all over that shit like white on rice.
scatmandingo · 39 weeks ago
True entrepreneurship.
serosenpai · 39 weeks ago
It'll have to be public. I'll meet up with them in private and then have hidden cameras set up.
serosenpai · 39 weeks ago
Oh please, who'll find this? By the time I do this, I'll be a few years older and this chat will be long gone.
scatmandingo · 39 weeks ago
And they would have to prove it was you.
cazkey · 39 weeks ago
Who says racisms is just a white issue? For you to elevate yourself at the expense of another person is horrible
serosenpai · 39 weeks ago
Woah woah. This doubles as a social experiment. I named CNN as an example because many people who would take this as the truth.
But you're right. This has some moral holes in it. I'm going to revise and be back.
geluregis · 39 weeks ago
And then you're gonna get actual racists on your tail, harrasing you and trying to fabricate a crime that you must have commited.
serosenpai · 39 weeks ago
Oh yeah...
Hm. I could pay the guy, because I'm just trying to get to see how many people are fooled by this, but then I'll be hated on both sides....
Alright, what if I don't use the money left over and do- well why would I do that, this is a get rich quick scheme...
geluregis · 39 weeks ago
It's a lot faster and easier to run out into a busy parking lot and try to claim damages when someone bumps you.
kouyaaotsuki · 39 weeks ago
It'll be quicker just to stalk someone in a disguise then kill them and steal their money
serosenpai · 39 weeks ago
Then I could be convicted of murder.
No, no. This plan must be revised.
1. I will get a group of of straight white males shrouded in black to hospitalize me. That way, I'll seem even more victimized if no one can catch them.
2. Anon message any late- night show host that I just need 100k to pay for my hospital bills and for moving expenses to move to a new state.
3. Utilize this money to pay the men(there will be at the most four, so just 5k- 10k for each will do)
4. After a month, come forward to the news and late night shows about my story(fabricated) and set up a GoFundMe for college and protection.
5. Pay the group some more
6. Go separate ways and make away with the cash.
7. Watch as the right disproves me, and the left denies it, and I'll come forward with one twitter pic: Me fully recovered, with a Trump supporter hat and sign. Watch as entire political internet explodes and I cry tears of yes
8. If I don't want the money(after paying off college I'll probs take half)
serosenpai · 39 weeks ago
8(cont.). and donate the rest.
9. Explain this as a social experiment(which it is) and apologize for causing problems like this(which I'm not).
arlan · 39 weeks ago
It could work but, having many others in on it is a huge liability. You might have better success trolling a patsy to act out on you. Make sure they fit the stereotype. Then, there's nobody to pay and nobody to tell.
serosenpai · 39 weeks ago
So should I hate someone speak out against me? Or have a representative?
Please elaborate.
arlan · 39 weeks ago
Well, look for some ultra-macho narcissist In a pickup he can barely afford. Find one that goes to a sports bar. Have a camera affixed to your lapel. After his team loses, he comes out of the bar all pissed off and half drunk. You have a quarter in your hand. As he comes out to his rig he sees your legs sticking out under the driver-side door. He starts getting irate and wants to know what you're doing. You get up with your dirty hand on the door and the quarter there, looking like maybe it will scratch the paint. Tell him you were getting your quarter but before you finish saying it, grab on or reach for his belt buckle out of frame. He'll likely push you away if not punch you right on the spot. You go down hard.
arlan · 39 weeks ago
As you get up, you dirty-hand his truck again. Give him a mean look and smoothly pull up the windshield wiper like you're going to bend it in half, all the while talking angrily about your quarter. He comes up to stop you and you either receive or feign more injury. You get up again, this time with your hands up for witnesses to see, and stand there talking about your quarter. He gets in his truck and hastily starts it. As you're saying "Calm down sir." he drives off angrily, right over your foot. A crowd gathers as you howl with pain. Police and ambulance are called. Media leverage ensues.
serosenpai · 39 weeks ago
That's perfect.