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pinballwzrd · 39 weeks ago
Mortal men are fickle. Their thoughts will not affect your soul’s beauty. To battle with your comrades, goddess!
wongilicious · 39 weeks ago
Most of my gorgeous friends are cunts. Still love them, but just sayin', maybe you chose wisely, haha. My less-than-supermodel-pretty friends are almost always nicer to me. And, since we're being shallow ;) isn't it almost always better to be "the pretty one" of the group, instead of blending in?
ajhedges · 39 weeks ago
Yeah who cares. You probably have better friends than you would in other sororities
sheeby78 · 39 weeks ago
Your in a sorority just have fun with your friends and tell the rest to fuck off
awake_ash · 39 weeks ago
Don't care about the looks or popularity, it'll fade away sooner or latet
scatmandingo · 39 weeks ago
It’s my experience that your memory preserves the happy part of experiences and drops the unhappy parts after a while. Right now is tomorrow’s good old times. Just focus on having fun and don’t worry that you made a less than ideal decision.
guest_ · 39 weeks ago
To be honest? You are just human. It's not messed up to want to be with the "it" group and be loved and respected. That said this is where you get to choose. The thing about not being "in" is that when you make people love and respect you, you know it's for you and not because of the group you're with. If you really wanted to challenge yourself you could even make it your legacy to turn things around and make yours the sorority known for the best events and coolest people. In the end the "popular" group has advantages- but you have to ask yourself not about now but later. The people you meet and experiences you have now can help shape your future after college. Unless it's some skull and bones shiz no employer will likely care about your frat choices, it's the people you meet who will give you referrals and help, emotional support in 5,10 whatever years. If your sisters are there for you that's more important than having popular friends and feeling big on campus now. But do you.
publius_cornelius_ · 39 weeks ago
Fuck all that. You do u, don’t worry what others think about you. Fuck them.
spookykink57 · 39 weeks ago
I have a question if you don't mind.
dash224 · 39 weeks ago
spookykink57 · 39 weeks ago
So I am kinda bot from your country and apparently Hollywood films are not to be trusted, so here's the question. Which is worse? Fraternities or Sororities?
spookykink57 · 39 weeks ago
guest_ · 39 weeks ago
@spookykink57- Only discussing college organizations (there are other types of fraternity etc.) They're basically the same thing, just clubs to meet people, make personal and professional connections for college and later on, participate in or host events, and add something to resumes and transcripts. In GENERAL frats are for men and sororities are for women. This isn't always true but is the easiest and cleanest distinction. There are several types of college frat including "service" "social" and "honorary" and each tends to focus on priorities a little differently. So neither a fraternity or a sorority is really better or worse. Individual ones may be when compared to others but that depends in part on the culture and history of the club and its current memebers and values.
dash224 · 39 weeks ago
@guest_ explained it perfectly
spookykink57 · 39 weeks ago
Well I know for whom Frats and Sororities are for, just wanted a picture of how those work and are they really hellish and competitive as shown in movies.
guest_ · 39 weeks ago
It's a wide spectrum. So many frats and so many schools, each is different. In general you either meet some memebers and hang to see if they like you. You might have to do an interview and show qualifications. Usually you pay dues which can be up to several thousand dollars but usually aren't. Hazing happens but tends to be much more subdued than movies and sonewhat rarer. I've seen pledges have to streak through the street and such, or set off illegal fireworks, but a lot of pressure was put on frats to tone down hazing initiations and most have. They tend to just play beer pong, sunbathe or hang out in the day. They throw parties at night but many are in student housing or rental homes in neighborhoods so if they go too wild or late people cal the police. They have formals on occasion, may volunteer or fund raise, kareoke, play games. Really for the most part the majority of frats are just like if your parents weren't at home and you were hanging out with your friends woth booze.
spookykink57 · 38 weeks ago
Aah. Alright
spookykink57 · 38 weeks ago
And about Sororities? Anyone?
dash224 · 38 weeks ago
Frats get more of a bad rep cause they haze and throw parties. Certain sororities get a bad rep cause they only choose “pretty” girls to be in their sorority. Both have their own flaws. I don’t think you can really say which is worse because I feel like if you’re in a sorority or a frat you’re going to be judged anyways.
spookykink57 · 38 weeks ago
Aah. Alright. Thanks for the insight.