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grimreaper · 36 weeks ago
Who the hell is Jackson?
skittles · 36 weeks ago
Oh I know banana. I didn't know he changed his to Jackson. I take it you don't like him very much.
folk_the_lore · 36 weeks ago
Banana isn’t Jackson lmao
There is no Jackson it’s a joke
But there was a dr aah
I liked my banana friend
skittles · 36 weeks ago
I haven't seen banana since I've been back. :(
dr_richard_ew · 36 weeks ago
Dr. aah was a dick. I mean, it was kinda funny at first when I saw that someone made a troll account based on me, but then he started acting real horribly and the entertainment value was gone
folk_the_lore · 36 weeks ago
He changed to rosebud skittles
Who do you remember from the older days?
Oh yeah he was a dick
To a lot of people
I think hes like permanently banned tho
skittles · 36 weeks ago
I remember a whole lotta people from way back. I've been on here wayyy before they had an app, or a comment section, and all this new stuff.
folk_the_lore · 36 weeks ago
So you’re like a fs veteran then?
famousone · 36 weeks ago
carbonatedwaffles · 36 weeks ago
Remember when they had the talk and visual sections? Fun times
sassypotter · 36 weeks ago
Rosebud is gooood, just an angsty teen like the rest of us lmao
grimreaper · 36 weeks ago
I'm not angsty
rydler · 36 weeks ago
sure you aren't, GrimReaper
grimreaper · 36 weeks ago
Trust me.
rydler · 36 weeks ago
Don't worry, I believe you.
folk_the_lore · 36 weeks ago
So angsty
rosebud · 36 weeks ago
It’s ya boi, rosebud/banana.
I stopped coming on so often because i really don’t like FS anymore. I feel like i grew out of it. It’s not fun. There was a lot of arguing and trolls and shit from about this time last year to August 2017. Not only that but i had school to deal with, and Reddit is just a bigger (and more diverse) community that attracted me more. All that was enough to make me not want to come on anymore.
I come back rarely and comment maybe once or twice but it seems the community has shifted and the site isn’t how it was when i was on older accounts. I’m just not happy when i come onto FS anymore. Some of the other users here (i’m not going to point fingers like 2017 rosebud would have) are ones whose stress i could do without. In fact when someone told me that “people on FS” were talkimg about me I immediately assumed the worst and started getting worried that people were shit-talking me.
You guys can ask me questions or something if you want, i don’t mind.
rosebud · 36 weeks ago
@arabesque described my feelings more concisely
“A few years ago when I was really active and constantly posting, I had a constant star. Then I realized that this site was negatively affecting my self esteem and mental state so I logged off. My old account isn't deleted though“
Basically after a while it felt like i was posting to get a star, not for fun. For some reason, people disagreeing with me really fucks me up and that also caused me to leave. I didn’t like it.
flyingoctopus · 36 weeks ago
I eat instead of facing my problems
rydler · 36 weeks ago
Im glad you're doing what's best for you Rose