Compliment the person above you
by rydler · 26 comments 35 weeks ago
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rydler · 36 weeks ago
You love up to your name and always have a funny post. I'm glad you're around
mrfahrenheit · 36 weeks ago
You're one of the most bang up chaps I've ever met. Your presence is enough to make me go 'hey look, its this guy, he's pretty cool'
dash224 · 36 weeks ago
I don’t have anything nice to say to the person above
rydler · 36 weeks ago
You’re fun to see, a fun dose of irony and logic.
criis · 36 weeks ago
You're a caring person! Or at least you seem like it
la · 36 weeks ago
You should comment more because you seem like a really nice person. (Sorry, I don't know how to do compliments very well)
rydler · 36 weeks ago
You’re doing great! You’re honesty is nice and refreshing to see
wimsyexpergefactor · 35 weeks ago
You are very meangful in what you say, and seem intelligent and genuinely funny and caring, and you give great advice!
rydler · 35 weeks ago
You're smart. You know when to ask for advice, and that's a really good quality to have. You're a good friend to all of us here, we're aleats happy to talk to you
wimsyexpergefactor · 35 weeks ago
I'm internally squealing :) thank you hah oops I broke the chain crap! you compliment well!
rydler · 35 weeks ago
Aww thanks, you're really good at it too
@spookykink57 get your butt in here you wonderful and lovely person.
spookykink57 · 35 weeks ago
I sure will you amazingly sweet guy!
mrfahrenheit · 35 weeks ago
You're a quality lad. 10/10 would squad up with.
under_fire · 35 weeks ago
You're hot, and you're travelin at the speed of light
rydler · 35 weeks ago
You’re posts make me laugh, and the music is good.
@spookykink57 you’re a great friend Tibia-honest
spookykink57 · 35 weeks ago
You are a grate friend too.
rydler · 35 weeks ago
You can be cheesy, but you’re eggcelent to have around
spookykink57 · 35 weeks ago
You butter not be lying. You sweet creation of nature.
pitty · 35 weeks ago
Sorry to interupt the food puns, but if I was starving and had to choose something to eat, it would be Spooky
spookykink57 · 35 weeks ago
Well. That is really sweet of you.
And, I would surely repay the act of kindness.